The cat Meow Meow and the angry cats of the Internet

Welcome to the internet world of  angry, grumpy and angry cats . I present to you Meow Meow, after the death, at the age of seven, of Grumpy Cat, the most famous cat on the Internet in the last decade.

At the end of January, the cat Meow Meow dazzles on the networks , a kitten that with her angry appearance steals everyone’s hearts. And the fact is that the kitten, as she grew older, the marks on her face became darker and more prominent, which makes her appear that she is constantly angry.

History of the cat Meow Meow

Clare a girl from Taiwan had always wanted a cat. After graduating from college, he began looking for a feline companion, and that’s when he met Meow Meow.

The 10-month-old kitten had been returned by her former owner. The 10 month old kitten seemed very anxious in a crowded environment, and Clare didn’t have the heart to leave her there and adopted her. That has been 10 years.

Meow Meow was very happy to be in a loving home, she began to follow her humans around the house, giving them massages and providing them with company.

Because Clare worked, Meow Meow spent most of her time with Grandma. 

As she grew older, the markings on her face became darker, making her look like the superhero Batman.

As time passed, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Clare was determined to find the best hospital for her cat, and she took her to the Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital. To do this, they moved to Portland, United States.

There he took the bus to the hospital every day to visit her, until the vet released her. They were very lucky with the owner of the house they rented, he was a very nice man.

After the treatment, the kitten was able to make a full recovery, and is now in Taiwan with her loving family.

At the end of January, Clare started an Instagram account to tell the story of her kitten Meow Meow. Clare received comments and messages from people all over the world, saying that her kitten looked a lot like the much-missed Grumpy Cat .


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Below I offer you the photos of cats that could compete with Meow Meow to the most angry cats on the Internet.



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