The cat meeting other pets

For the cat, getting to know other pets can be complicated, but if we are patient in the end it should turn out well. We give you the guidelines.

It is easier to introduce a puppy than an adult , since the former is not a threat to a pet already living in the house, and immediately assumes a lower place in the hierarchy. As a puppy, he is more likely to accept a new situation and will often adopt passive postures, such as lying on his back to avoid a confrontation.

The older pet will be understandably jealous of the new arrival, so expect bad faces at first. Both animals must be stroked in turns to transfer their scents from one to the other. Cats have a good sense of smell, so that will bring them together.

At this point, pay a little more attention to the older cat , who will be jealous. This way, you will be reassured that you are not totally supplanted. Do not leave them alone until you are completely sure that they have accepted each other and are good friends. The same goes for introducing an adult cat, but be more careful that aggressive situations do not arise, which could end in a fight and that they get to know each other.

Special care must be taken when presenting the dog , as it can do a lot of damage and even kill a kitten, and in turn an adult cat can injure a dog. From the outset, you have to keep the dog properly restrained, let them introduce themselves gradually, repeating the process for a few days so that they get to know each other.

Caress them both, transferring the aromas from one to the other . Letting them eat from their dishes while in the same room together will help cement the relationship. Whichever animal you are trying to introduce to the cat, don’t leave them alone until you are fully convinced that it is safe to do so.




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