The cat breeds that shed less hair

We know that one of the problems that cat lovers face is their hair loss , it usually occurs in more quantity in certain seasons, but even so, every day they release and we carry it on our clothes, it is the sofa, or in any corner of the house and that makes us have to be with the vacuum cleaner all day .

If you like cats but you prefer to have a breed that shed less hair, and have a more carefree life in this regard, take note of these breeds that will make your life easier without giving up having a cat in your home .

One of the most characteristic cat breeds and recognized for having hardly any hair is the sphinx breed , it barely has and rather is fluff that it has all over its body, which the problem of hairs is solved and, they are also very sociable friends of people, yes, they need to be bathed very often.

The siberian cat, don’t be fooled by its furry appearance. Since it is one of the breeds that loosens the least hair and it is because its coat is like oil, which makes it retain more hair as containment. It is also a fairly faithful race and friend of humans, although very jumpy and friends of heights.

The Cornish Rex cat is a cat that has very peculiar ears similar to those of a bat and whose main characteristic is its short curly hair. With little hair it gives the appearance of being a fragile breed, but it is not. It is an agile cat because of its long legs.

And finally there is the devon rex breed  , also with little hair and characterized by its loose waves, it has so little skin that it is almost like a Sphynx. This breed needs a lot of attention, since they are very playful , and even so in their adventures they will not fill your house with hair.


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