Cat at home: what are the benefits for your children?

Cat At Home: What Are The Benefits For Your Children?

It is good news to want to welcome a cat in your home. His presence at home will bring a lot to your child. Overview of benefits that the animal provides on the young members of its family.

The Soothing Power Of The Cat In Children

It is well known that the presence of a cat has a soothing effect on those around it. The simple act of caress its soft fur reduces blood pressure, has a positive effect on the frequency of the heart rate and decreases the anxiety. According to a 2019 study, spending time with your pet reduces the emission of cortisol in the body, a hormone responsible in particular for stress. Plus, cuddling your furry ball releases endorphins, the happiness hormone. Finally, the low frequencies emitted by the purring produce serotonin, a hormone with calming effects (the famous purr therapy!). In summary, all of these benefits provide comfort to a child, whether or not he is prone to anxiety.

Having A Cat Empowers The Child

Adopting an animal helps empower the child who will be entrusted with certain daily tasks: serving rations, filling the water bowl, cleaning the litter…. Faced with the cat’s independent temperament, the young master must also demonstrate humility and patience : he will have to learn to caress him and to carry him in his arms in an appropriate way, to respect his moments of rest and meals. Having an animal at home will teach him the altruism and sharing, he will feel valued because he participates in the well-being of his companion. Doing “like the grown-ups” will give him trust and will play a beneficial role in his psychological development.

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The Cat Is A Confidant For The Child

By lending him human emotions, the child will gladly find a refuge in his cat near which he will release his feelings. It is to him that he will confide his joys and his sorrows, tell stories. It’s called animal transitional. We also see that the two accomplices can communicate without even needing words. The cat is a very useful ally in the face of loneliness, a way for the young master to feel in security without the presence or interaction of his parents. If he is less demonstrative than the dog, the feline remains affectionate: when his little friend comes home from school, he will surely meow, rub against his legs and seek his caresses while purring. By its various solicitations (hugs, games) and the need to meet his needs (food, water, litter), the animal gives the child the feeling that he is important, that he counts for him.

Cat: The Health Benefits For Children

From a health point of view, recent studies have observed positive effects in children. According to researchers, a baby living from its first year with a cat benefits from a protective effect against symptoms and infections of the tract respiratory. The reason ? Contact with a pet exposes the child to different bacterial populations that will stimulate the system immune by desensitizing it and encouraging it not to trigger an allergic response while reducing the risk of developing asthma.

Successful Cohabitation Between Cat And Child

In order for the cohabitation to take place under the best conditions, it is advisable to follow certain rules.

  • As soon as it arrives at home, the cat must not be manipulated in all directions and thereafter, he must be able to isolate himself when he feels the urge;
  • You have to let the animal come to its pace because a cat likes to be quiet, to sleep undisturbed or to relieve itself in a quiet place;
  • We teach the child not to: pull the tail of the feline, manhandling it, yelling at it, interrupting its meal or its nap;
  • The animal must not be held in the arms if it tries to flee because he would risk scratching or biting to defend himself;
  • If the child is under 5 years old, a surveillance necessary in order to avoid any accident.
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Respect animals is a fundamental teaching in the education of a child. This value will remain engraved in him all his life. Once the cohabitation rules are acquired the small partners will be able to build a beautiful and long complicity.

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