The beautiful cat Smoothie and the British Longhair cats

The Smoothie cat is no ordinary cat. No, Smoothie might be the cutest cat on earth.

Smoothie is a long-haired British woman who lives in the Netherlands with her human, Arvid van Boekel. Since 2016, he has like other cats his  Instagram account . But no, Smoothie is a very special and pretty furry and has more than 2,242,000 followers.

How do you know she’s pretty? She spends the day posing when photos or videos take her. She is a very calm kitten, as you can see in her videos, and she prefers people to other cats.

Taking advantage of this cat beauty, in this article I will tell you about the British Longhair breed, to which Smoothie belongs.


        Who is the beautiful cat Smoothie?

Smoothie, nicknamed “The Most Photogenic Cat in the World”, is definitely a “feline goddess.”

This is a long-haired British cat who has risen to Instagram fame as a result of her incredibly photogenic appearance.

She wears a beautiful fur coat, a beautiful symmetrical face, as well as pretty round emerald eyes.

She lives in the Netherlands with Arvid van Boekel and his feline brother Milkshake.

History of the British longhair breed

British shorthair origins begin with cats brought from Egypt that accompanied the Romans when they invaded Britain. As the breed developed, crosses were made with the Persian cat between 1914 and 1918 introducing the long-haired gene.

Cats with short hair were part of the British Shorthair breed and cats with long hair were incorporated into the Persian cat breeding programs.

After the First World War, the Cat Fancy (GCCF) declared that only third generation descendants of Persian / British shorthair crosses could be shown, this together with the arrival of World War II impaired the evolution of this breed.

After World War II, the British Shorthair grew in popularity and gained championship status at TICA in June 1979. Although British longhair kittens sometimes appeared in litters, they languished as a breed. Today the imposing British Longhair is a suitable companion breed for the British Shorthair that resembles the Persians and Angoras of the early 1900s, gaining championship status at TICA as of May 2009.

Character of British Longhair cats

They are cats of pleasant temperament, affectionate, calm, tolerant, adaptable and friendly, although they tend to be not very active when they are adults compared to other breeds.

Because they are a bit lazy, it is important that you establish play and exercise time for them, at the same time you should watch their diet, since they tend to obesity, which can negatively affect their health and general well-being.

Despite being cats that do not demand much attention, and have a somewhat independent nature, they also enjoy being caressed and hugged, and they need the company of people and other cats or pets. Therefore, you have to be sure that you can make time for them.

Although I have indicated that they are not too active, they are known to have their “crazy moments” that keep their owners entertained. Being so smart, British longhaired people like to mark their territory and therefore enjoy being able to roam in the open air, although they should only be allowed outside if it is safe for them.

Like other breeds, the British Longhair likes a routine and does not want changes for no reason. They like to be fed at the same time of day and do not appreciate when furniture is moved around the house, which can often stress them out.

Physical characteristics of British long-haired cats  

It is a medium-sized breed that has a short, muscular back and a wide chest. These cats feature short, straight, solid round legs and a thick tail that can be medium or short in length, wider at the base to end in a rounded tip.

Another characteristic of this breed is the round head and the full cheeks with a pleasant width, as well as the wide skull and the thick, short and muscular neck.

The ears of these cats are small, short and rounded, with a broad base. The eyes are large and round, well separated and very expressive, with different colors, blue, green, deep gold and copper, depending on the color and pattern of the hair.

Their noses are wide, short, and straight, and when viewed from the side, these cats have rounded foreheads with a slight broken nose. The chins are strong, deep and firm.


Caring for a British long-haired cat

The British Longhair needs a bit of monitoring to make sure they stay active and get enough exercise. Otherwise, you can suffer from the problem of obesity, dangerous in these small cats.

In addition to annual visits to the vet, the British Longhair will need to be monitored and trimmed regularly. You can add a scratching post to facilitate healthy scratching and keep the cat’s claws in good condition.

Beyond nail care, check the British Longhair’s ears for signs of dirt build-up or possible infection every few weeks.

To keep a coat in good condition, you must brush your cat at least once a week, you should not worry about bathing him, since he will take care of his grooming.

Increase the frequency of brushing during shedding times. Brushing will prevent tangles and knots, while keeping the skin and coat healthier.

Your relationship with children and other pets

The British longhair with its relaxed, placid and loving personality are a good choice for families with children. However, you must be careful when very young children are around the cat, any interaction should always be well supervised by an adult to make sure things are quiet. That said, children need to be taught how to behave around cats and when it is time to leave them alone.

They also get along well with dogs, especially if they have grown up together and the same can be said for other cats they have shared their home with. However, they are not that interested in being around cats they do not know.


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