The athletic Arabian Mau cat

The Arabian Mau cat is a beautiful furry native of Arabia that, although it is not yet well known, little by little is making a dent in the homes of Western cat addicts.

Expressive-eyed, this charming feline loves to run and play , but will also enjoy being the center of attention of his favorite human.

Origin and history of the Arabian Mau


The Arabian Mau is a breed of cat that appeared spontaneously in the Middle East , where it lived alone until human settlements became more and more numerous. When that happened, the feline realized that he could have free food in a place where living conditions are not very good, as well as company.

Little by little, it has been losing some features of its ancestors as a result of crossing with other species of cats brought from other parts of the world. However, it did not become known until 2004, when breeder Peter Mueller began selecting kittens. After 4 years, he got the breed recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF).

Physical characteristics

It is a cat with a robust, muscular and athletic body that weighs between 4 and 6kg. The head is rounded in shape, with a fairly pronounced chin and large, triangular ears, slightly offset. The legs are robust, made to be able to travel long distances.

The coat is smooth, and can be brown, gray, and mottled . Black and white are accepted only if there are no spots. It has a life expectancy of 14 years.

Behavior and personality

The Arabian Mau loves to exercise. It is an animal that, although it can adapt to living in an apartment, will live better in a house with a patio or garden where it can feel different smells and have different stimuli that it would not have in an apartment. In addition, he is very intelligent and can be a bit stubborn , so he can be taught tricks if you use cat treats to encourage him.

If he is socialized as a puppy, it will be very easy for him to get along with dogs and other cats.

Caring for the Arabian Mau



Avoid feeding them with cereals. These, not being able to be digested correctly by the cat, can cause problems such as allergies. Therefore, if we keep this in mind, the ideal will be to give them cereal -free, or grain-free, feed that is rich in animal protein.

However, if you have the opportunity to seek advice from a nutritionist who understands natural diets for felines, do not hesitate to give him Barf. Your body will thank you for it.


For the cat’s hygiene to be ideal, it is important to do several things : brush its hair every day, clean its eyes and ears when necessary with specific products, and also keep its litter box clean, for which the feces and urine will be removed once or more times per day, and the tray will be thoroughly cleaned with water and dishwasher.

Likewise, you also have to try to put the feeder and the drinker as far as possible from his sandbox , for a very simple reason: he does not like to eat while he smells his stools. In this sense, the ideal is both the food and the water are in a different room from that of your particular WC.


The Arabian Mau breed is not predisposed to major illnesses, other than those that any other feline might have. But we are talking about a living being, so throughout its life it can become ill , hence regular visits to the vet are essential. You will also have to go to him to vaccinate him when necessary, and to castrate him if you do not intend to breed him.


He needs to do a lot of exercise every day , so it is important that you dedicate as much time as possible to play with him and so he can burn his energy.

Affection and company


Give him affection every day , but yes, without overwhelming him or putting pressure on him. Take a little time each day to understand their body language. This will make your relationship even better. Also, try giving him cans of wet food or cat treats from time to time to cheer him up a bit.

Also, you should keep him company, try to make him live as a family.

What is the price of the Arabic Mau?


Are you looking for prices of the Arabian Mau cat? If your answer is yes, you have to know it is about 600 euros if it is obtained in a hatchery. In case you want to buy it in a pet store, it will cost you less, about 300-400 euros.

But keep in mind that the cat must be at least two months old, since that way it will be weaned and will have started to eat solid food.

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