The affectionate LaPerm cat

If you are one of those who enjoy stroking a curly-haired cat, with the LaPerm you will not get bored, but rather the opposite since it is a very homey furry that makes you love right away.

In addition, it is in very good health because it is not a breed that has been highly manipulated by humans, so its life expectancy is long, between 15 and 20 years. Do you want to know more about him?

Origin and history of LaPerm


The origin of this beautiful cat is in the United States, specifically in a colony of semi-stray cats that lived on a farm in Oregon hunting mice and other rodents. Kittens with curly hair were born in one of the litters , and some of them were collected by a married couple of Linda and Richard Koehl.

By selecting and crossing these curly-haired cats with other equals, little by little the Koehl gentlemen began to make known this curious and strange breed that had arisen naturally. Thus, in 1997 the first American club of the breed called LPSA was created, and in 2003 it was recognized as a breed by the international feline club TICA .

Even so, it is still not very well known, but there are already breeders in Japan, New Zealand or England.

Physical characteristics

The LaPerm cat is a medium-sized furry cat , weighing 4 to 6kg . Its head is more or less triangular, with the ears erect, and the eyes, which can be almond, yellow, gold, blue or green, are well separated from each other.

Its body is protected by a layer of curly hair that can be of any color , be it solid, bicolor, tricolor, chinchilla, etc. Their coat can be long, short or medium length, but it will always be soft. The legs are long but well proportioned.

How many years can a LaPerm cat live?

The race has not been much manipulated by humans, something that allows it to live for 15-20 years . But for that to be fulfilled in your feline, you must provide it with a series of basic care that we are going to comment on below.

Behavior and personality


Our protagonist is a furry man who loves caresses . Enjoy accompanying your human watching television or while taking a nap. It is very calm , although due to its origin in addition to a lot of affection it will need to exercise. He loves to chase ropes, balls, or stuffed toys like he’s hunting a mouse.

Bearing this in mind, it is highly advisable that you provide him with toys from day one with which you can entertain yourself.

LaPerm cat care


As his caregiver, it is highly recommended that you feed him a high-quality diet so that he can grow and develop properly. Therefore, it is preferable to give them natural food (rabbit meat, chicken meat, etc.), or feed that does not have cereals since these are foods that usually cause allergies in cats.


Every day you have to pass a cat comb to remove dead hair , and from time to time you should clean the eyes and ears with a clean gauze (using one for each eye and ear) with a specific eye drop.


Although it is a calm cat, to avoid boredom it will be very necessary that you dedicate time to it . The animal must carry out physical exercise (play 😉) about 40-60 minutes every day, divided into small sessions of about 15-20 minutes.


Coming from common cats, their general health is very good. Even so, throughout his life he may have some other illness , such as colds or flu, so every time you suspect that he is ill you will have to take him to the vet.

It will also be convenient to go to the professional to vaccinate it , put the microchip and to castrate it if you do not want it to have young.

Affection and company


Like any cat that joins the family, it will want to be treated with affection. Therefore, it is convenient that you show him how much you care – without overwhelming him – by caressing him, bringing him a can of wet food from time to time, and letting him spend as much time as possible by your side. In addition, from time to time you can also give cat treats (without grains).

How much does a LaPerm cat cost?


The LaPerm Cat is an animal that will be easier for you to find in breeders than in pet stores, since it is not a particularly well-known breed. Despite this, the price of the puppy is not excessively high: about 600-700 euros .

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