The advantages of housing your cat in a residence, when you go on a trip

You have planned to take a well-deserved vacation, but you have your cat and you cannot take it with you. You hesitate to leave it with a friend or family member. But, you love your furry so much that leaving it without proper care while away from home is not an option.

But then where to leave my cat on vacation ? Granted, there is no better place for your pet than your home, but when you can’t be there to take care of your cat, cat  residence  is your best option. Leaving your cat with them means that you are leaving it with  qualified professionals  who love cats and their profession, being able to selflessly advise you on their care.

You will have someone monitoring your cat’s health and well-being 24/7. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your pet is happy and healthy while he’s away.

In case you have any questions, below you can read the advantages of housing your cat in a residence, when you go on a trip.

1. The cat residence provides security for your cat

You may think that your house is completely safe for your cat, you know this from your daily experience. However, your cat is sure to encounter a series of hidden dangers while you spend a few days on vacation.

Think that when you are at home with your cat, your furry is under your control, but when you are far away, it can become restless and swallow something, causing an obstruction. Your cat could jump and break a leg. You could even be locked in a room and not be able to access your food or water.

By leaving your cat in a cat  residence , you can enjoy your trip knowing that your cat is perfectly cared for by qualified professionals who  love animals .

2. Your cat will always have food and water

Sure you can leave your cat home alone for a few days with big bowls of food and water, but what if your nervous cat dumps the water bowl after you don’t come home the first night? Unless your cat drinks from the toilet or you have placed several water bowls in your house, your cat will not have water and this situation is not desirable.

A cat can go several days without eating, but not having water would cause a serious dehydration problem.

Almost one in three cats will develop kidney disease as they get older, a day or two without access to water can increase the likelihood of kidney stones or other damage. Staying housed in a cat residence gives you the peace of mind of knowing that  your cat will never be short of a bowl of water.

As for food, it is wise to fill your bowl with fresh food every day. Therefore, if it is not renewed during the days of your absence, it could give off a smell and even your fussy cat will not eat it.

3. You will have love, attention and care

Although cats have a reputation for being “independent,” you shouldn’t assume that they don’t need love and attention every day. Even if they are physically well if they stay home alone for days, the experience can have a negative psychological effect on them.

Left alone, it can engage in destructive behaviors such as scratching furniture, turning on a faucet, chewing on electrical wires, etc.

In a  home for cats , your furry will receive love, attention and play time to make him feel stimulated and happy. As he will have been entertained during his stay, he will be very happy to see you again when you come back for him.

4. Your litter box will be conveniently clean

Cats have a very developed sense of smell, if they go a few days without having their  litter box clean it  can happen that they avoid it completely. Once your cat begins to avoid the litter box due to the smell and dirt, she may find a new “favorite” place to relieve herself. Later, it can be difficult to eliminate that habit from your cat once you return.

Therefore,  daily cleaning of the litter box  is another advantage of housing your cat.

5. Cats don’t like to travel

While a dog can accompany you on your travels, most cats do not like to travel. Surely you will have checked more than once when taking your cat to the vet. Most cats do not want to travel by car or fly by plane.

Since your cat cannot accompany you, you must have a safe experience in a  cat hotel . It is a much safer option than taking it with you or leaving it alone at home.

6. Less likely that your cat will leave

It can be tempting to leave your cat home alone and hire a  cat sitter on vacation  or ask a friend or family member for a favor to stop by once or twice a day to see your cat, feed it, fill the bowl with water , clean the litter box, and give it some love.

However, it can happen that the person you entrust your cat to get lost and let your furry out the door. Imagine what scare and what danger! Will he be responsible and search for your cat until he finds it? Do not play it!

The accommodation of your cat in a  cat residence  is very safe, the chances of your cat escaping are slim or nil, in this way you will know that you can hug him and he will be waiting for you when you go to pick him up after your vacation.

7. You don’t compromise your friends and family in caring

Sure, you likely have friends and family who have seen your cat in the past, but it may be more of an inconvenience than they show. Is your home really “not that far away” that your friend or family member can come home from work to tend to your cat? You would do anything for your friends and family and vice versa, but what inconvenience is it when you need to return the favor?

Cat boarding means you don’t need to ask your friends and family to do the favor of keeping an eye on your cat while you are away. Yes, they would probably agree to keep an eye on your cat, but do you want to deal with any secret irritations they hide from you for doing yourself a favor?

8. Internet access

No, don’t panic, your cat will not have access to the Internet. However, you will be able to see your furry on the Internet.

Not all pet residences offer this service. If you are concerned about this and want to see how your cat is doing, try to book a hotel that offers this service.

In Petjilton , owners will be able to see information about their pets through social networks to know that they are doing well and enjoying their holidays.


9. A stranger will not enter your house

If you don’t have friends or family who can come over to your house and take care of your kitten, you should find a pet sitter. Currently, there are apps and websites that offer you pet care services, but can they guarantee that they will not be robbed and that they are responsible and trustworthy enough?

With cat housing, you only have to worry about looking for a quality cat residence that has good reviews. This will give you peace of mind, and you will know that your home is safe and your cat is cared for.

10. Supply of medicines and veterinary care

Your cat can suffer accidents and illnesses at any time. In a cat residence you will receive veterinary care much faster than you would if someone stopped by your house once or twice a day to feed and care for your cat.

Some accommodation facilities for cats have a veterinarian on staff, in any case, if they do not have one, they will have a 24-hour contact with an emergency veterinarian.

Many cat housing facilities will also administer medications to your cat while you are away and need it for treatment.


Decidedly, if you go on vacation the best option is to house your cat in a residence for cats . Your cat will benefit from specific facilities and equipment, as well as qualified staff who can feed and care for it on a daily basis. 

If you choose the residence or hotel solution, it would be convenient for you to visit the facilities before accommodating your cat. Know the services that your feline will receive, will he have a room or an individual cubicle, will he be able to take a walk, what activities he will carry out, what food will he receive? 

 All these precautions will allow you to be reassured about the well-being of your kitten during her absence!



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