Abyssinian cat Breed

The Abyssinian cat is a much loved animal: it is very playful and its way of behaving is very elegant. In addition, it was one of the first races to be recognized, so being not very well known, it still cannot be said that it has changed much with respect to the Abyssinians of two centuries ago, which was when it was first talked about. animal in the book “Cats, their Points” whose author is Gordon Staples.

It is also a very social feline, so it is ideal as a playmate for children … and not so children 😉. Would you like to meet him? Let’s go there.

Abyssinian history


The Abyssinian cat, although it seems the opposite, does not come from Abyssinia (today it would be Ethiopia), but rather it is believed that it comes from Egypt. What is known is that the first cat of this breed that was exhibited in England did come from Abyssinia. In 1874 the book “Cats, their Points” was published that I mentioned earlier, making a first description of a cat named Zula, the first feline Abyssinian that was owned by Mrs. Barrett-Lennard and that had arrived in England in 1868 with a military expedition from Abyssinia. His body was spotted and streakless, rather small, but strong and muscular.

But there are people who prefer to think that the breed actually comes from crosses between various silvers and browns with the native ticked cats of England , the »British Bunny».

In any case, towards the end of the 19th century the breed was already known, and in the 20th it was cataloged . The English began systematic breeding, and in 1909 the first Abyssinian calf arrived in America. In the 1930s, Abyssinians were imported from England, who would be the ones that would found the current breeding programs.

Physical characteristics of the breed


This cat looks a lot like a cougar, albeit on a much smaller scale 🙂. It has a streamlined and agile body, a touching gaze and a very pretty triangular head. But let’s see what your standard is:

  • Head: triangular in shape, with rounded ears and green or gold almond-shaped eyes.
  • Body: slim, slim, muscular. The legs are proportionate to the rest of the body. The tail is long and bushy.
  • Coat: the hair is short, blue, silver, sorrel or fawn.
  • Weight: between 4 and 6 kilos.
  • Life expectancy:13-14 years.

Abyssinian behavior


This is a very active cat who loves to spend his time climbing, playing or exploring. For this reason, whoever wants to have an animal of this breed at home, must purchase high scratchers that reach the ceiling and / or hook up some shelves around the house so that they can satisfy their needs.

He is also very intelligent and sociable, getting along very well with children. Perhaps the only drawback is that he does not like to be alone , so it is advisable to spend as much time as possible with him, and spend those minutes or hours in the company of the animal, either playing with a ball or resting.

Caring for this breed


The Abyssinian cat, like any other cat that becomes part of the family, must receive a series of care and attention that guarantees its well-being:


It is highly advisable to give it a quality feed, without grains. Felines are carnivores, and they do not need cereals or their derivatives (in fact, it can cause allergies). Another option would be to give them natural food, without bones or thorns.


Due to the short length of its hair, you should only brush it once a day , a little more during the shedding season. Also, if you see that it has legañas do not hesitate to remove them with a sterile gauze.


When it is a puppy, it has to be taken to get the vaccinations, and to neuter or sterilize it if we do not want to make it breed from 6 months if it is female, or 8 months if it is male.

Also, every time you feel unwell, it will be advisable to go.

Abyssinian Health

It is not a cat that has many health problems, but it could present some genetic alteration, such as umbilical hernia or chronic kidney failure . Also, if you see that he has a loss of appetite, is down, or has a problem, you should take him to the vet to examine him.

Keep in mind that the earlier the diagnosis is made, the sooner you can recover.

How much does an Abyssinian cat cost?


Caring for a cat is a responsibility that should last throughout the animal’s life. If you are really willing to take it, and your family also wants to enjoy the company of an Abyssinian cat, seek professional breeders. They can ask for around 800 euros for a puppy, it may seem like a lot, but there is nothing like making sure that the new furry with whom you are going to share a few years of your life is healthy.

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