The 7 most affectionate and friendly cat breeds

Personalities vary by kitten, but some cat breeds are known to be more outgoing than others. Let’s get to know some of the most loving and friendly cat breeds out there!


Feline personalities come in all shapes and sizes, but today we are focusing on the friendliest cat breeds. The felines on this list of friendliest cat breeds clamor for the opportunity to turn and frown and go the extra mile to comfort their humans with constant pampering. So who are these perfect picks? You are about to meet seven of the most loving and friendly cat breeds here!1. Sphynx

In a 2012 study by the  Journal of Veterinary Behavior  , 129 cats from 14 breed categories were ranked based on their friendliness, and Sphynx became the # 1 friendliest breed of cat ! It’s not really a surprise when you consider the fact that the Sphynx lives to please its humans. If he’s not acting wild and crazy to keep his owners entertained, you may find him helping out with housework, and even snuggling with strangers who come to visit us.

2. Ragdoll

With a name like ‘Ragdoll’, it’s no wonder this feline rises to the top for the friendliest cat breeds! Known for maintaining her kitty nature into old age, the Ragdoll thrives on attention and affection, allowing her body to fully loosen in the arms of a loved one. While many cats have a curious side, the Ragdoll is a bit cooler, preferring to follow their pet’s parents around the house, ready for a quick kiss or hug at any moment.

3. Burmese

If the Burmese had a slogan, it would be “live to love.” This feline is part of our list of the most affectionate cat breeds, as you will love its friendly nature … and it will gladly accept hugs, kisses and pampering from humans and other animals alike! He’ll spend happy hours languishing on your lap, talking about his day and purring like a motor. He is also known for his grooming, not just by himself, but by you and your feline and canine companions. Hey, we told you he was friendly!

4 and 5. Abyssinian and Somali

Fun Fact: The Somali is simply a fluffy, long-haired version of the Abyssinian (aka Aby) , so we called it a draw for these two in terms of the most affectionate cat breeds! With great energy and curiosity, the Aby and the Somali are rarely found on his lap. Why? They prefer to entertain you with their agility and intelligence . But what is it that really includes these two types of felines in our list of friendliest cat breeds? Acceptance and adoration of all! There is no strange danger here, these two breeds will mix and match with anyone they meet!

6. Siamese

The Siamese earns a spot in this roundup of the friendliest cat breeds because she’s the life of the party and a furry friend to everyone. This breed is strong and has no qualms about voicing their opinions (or complaints) for the world to hear. The Siamese is also sassy, ​​sociable and affectionate, traits that help her win admirers wherever she goes. She is so loving and easy to get along with, in fact, that some liken her personality to that of a canine.

7. Maine Coon

Nicknamed Gentle Giant, the Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat bigger , And his heart is as big as his size! This breed loves everyone it meets , from children to other animals, and loves long, quiet cuddle sessions or a little playtime . Any other personality traits that make it a no-brainer on our list of friendliest cat breeds? He will spin around frequently for you to touch his head and play with his favorite humans to let them know how special they are!

A friendly reminder of the friendliest and most loving cat breeds

While the felines above make our friendliest cat breeds round, each kitten has its own personality. Thus, you may meet a distant Aby or a distant Sphynx. It does not mean that they are less special … it just indicates that they like to go to the beat of their own drum. And really now, who can resist individuality like that?

To be more positive about the personality of your future feline, you may consider adopting an older cat , whose behavior is already developed. But if you want to mold your cat’s character, there may be a kitten on the cards. The choice is yours!




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