The 10 most talkative and vocal cat breeds

Cats are not always the calm animals that we like to think they are. No, in fact, it seems that there are breeds of cats that are quite talkative and loud, and they can make your life a little more interesting throughout the day.

Some cats like to make sure you know exactly what they want from you by communicating with their meows. You may learn to recognize certain meows, sounds and tones and know exactly what your cat is trying to tell you.

Of course, there are always those who are not interested in communicating much with their feline friends. If what you want is a calm cat, that does not make a lot of noise, and does not have much to say, rest assured that the following 10 cat breeds of talkative cats do not suit you.

  1. The Siamese

It would be impossible to make a list of talkative cat breeds without mentioning the famous Siamese.

This long, lean, blue-eyed cat has an illustrious history. Originally bred as pets for the Thai royal family, Siamese cats may be the oldest domestic cats in the world.

They are known to have this peculiar trait, they are very “talkative”, but they can also annoy you with their high volume voices that can almost mimic the cry of a human baby

Siamese cats blur the lines that separate cat and dog behavior. In general, they are very close to their owners.

  1. Sphynx or Sphinx cat

The Sphynx cats may be hairless, but not warmth and love.

These cats have an extremely sociable nature. They show a high level of curiosity, energy, intelligence, and affection for their owners.

They are energetic and mischievous and will always want to be around you if you are the owner of this adorable feline. They often act like dogs, frequently greeting their owners at the door and eager to meet and investigate strangers.

  1. The Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental is closely related to the Sphynx cat, it is intelligent and athletic. These cats are known for being vocal and spending their time with humans.

Start a conversation with him or her and see how much they like to answer. Now all you have to do is figure out what they are saying …

  1. The Burmese

Originally from Asia, the Burmese cat actually developed in the United Kingdom and the United States. They are sociable and often carry their young kitty spirit into adulthood. This means a lot of hugs, games and, of course, talking.

While many cats show you what they want through their attitude or a very expressive look, Burmese prefer to verbally draw your attention.

  1. The Tonkinese or Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese, so it is logical that it has inherited characteristics from both sides. The result is a playful and intelligent cat that loves to form strong bonds with its humans.

The Tonkinese personality makes this breed a pleasant companion cat. Loving, social, active, playful and happy to be a lap cat. Smart and generous with affection, a Tonkinese will monitor all activities with curiosity.

His voice is softer in tone than that of the Siamese, this cat is a true feline opera singer, capable of transmitting a full scale of tones.

  1. Japanese bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail also has a great vocabulary. He will talk to you about anything you want with a soft squeak and meow within five minutes of meeting you.

Full of energy, always playful, loving, endearing and happy. They are very valid for people and want to be the center of family life. If you want a cat that interacts with you and your family, this breed is for you.

They are adapted to dogs and other animals and are especially good with children. They are natural in feline agility.

  1. Bengali cat

A wild-looking house cat, the impressive Bengali cat is a hybrid of house cats and Asian leopard cats.

Bengal cats are active, talkative, playful and they like water. They get along well with pets and children, but pet owners should be aware that this is a high-energy breed of cat. The Bengali have a characteristic and somewhat loud meow that is often a squeak-like sound.

  1. Maine Coon

The largest breed of domestic cat, the Maine Coon is an imposing breed that originates from the United States. Rated as one of the largest cat breeds on the planet, this long-haired Native American cat gets its name from the state where it originated.

The Maine Coon  is quite talkative with his favorite people . But their voices are not so much thunderous meows as melodious squeaks and trills. It’s almost as if the Maine Coon speaks with questions.

The Maine Coon is friends with family dogs, children, and other cats and enjoys doing “antics” to get your attention.

  1. Egyptian Mau

One of the oldest cat breeds, the Egyptian Mau, is believed to have descended from the African wildcat.

Egyptian Maus are intelligent, outgoing, playful, lively, and active. They love human attention and don’t like to be left alone for long periods.

They are a talkative breed , but they also communicate that they are happy by wagging their tails.

  1. Balinese cat

The  Balinese cat  is like a long-haired Siamese that originated in the United States in the 1950s. Occasionally, a long-haired Siamese would appear in a litter of kittens, but these were sold as pets. It is not known if the long-haired gene was introduced into the breed at some point or if it occurred as a spontaneous mutation.

The Balinese share many traits with their Siamese cousins, they are intelligent, loyal, playful, and love to talk. His voice is softer than that of the Siamese.



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