Take care of your cat’s health in summer!

t has already come summer! At this time of year we always allocate some time to monitor our kittens’ general health .

All these controls are basic cat care , which can (and should) be done fairly regularly throughout the year. But passing the summer ITV is a good way to make sure your pets have a complete check-up at least once a year.


Take care of your cat’s eyes!

The eyes should be clear, vivid and bright . They should be free of pus or dirt and should not cry. Just like us, right after waking up, they sometimes have to wash a bit to look their best.

Cats also have an extra “inner” eyelid. If all goes well, it should not be visible when your eyes are open. So if you can see him permanently, make an appointment with your vet.


Protect the health of your nose!

Your kitty’s nose should be smooth, clean, and generally a little damp .

If your cat appears to have a permanently dry or runny nose, this could indicate problems and further investigation should be done.

Watch over the well-being of the cat’s ears!

The ears must be clean and free of wax, insects, dry skin, in short any impurities or external agents. Also check that your cat’s ears do not give off odors .

Often cats with hearing problems scratch their ears or shake their heads excessively, look for these signs and consult your vet if you notice anything strange.

The dental health of the pussycat!

Check your cat’s teeth, look for excess tartar or bad breath. These symptoms may indicate an underlying disease, and should be monitored by a veterinarian if found. Long-term cavities can cause a wide variety of problems for cats, including kidney disease and heart problems, so their teeth should definitely be cared for properly.

You can clean the cat’s teeth yourself . Most vets have cat toothbrushes, which are easy to use, combined with a ‘nice’ flavored toothpaste (nice to them) will make this easy for you. So you can always show off your cat’s “colgate” smile.

More information on dental care for cats .


Preserve the vitality of its coat!

Maintain the well-being of your cat’s fur and skin , it is the part where you can do the most.

Your cat’s coat should be smooth, soft, and clean. Scan its dermis for lumps, and check for fleas or ticks. If you detect a problem, you should take it to the vet to have it checked as soon as possible.

Assuming things are okay, there are other things you can do to protect that “pantene hair.”


If you are brave enough to try to bathe your cat, it can be a lot of fun (discounting the occasional scratch). And they are so pretty when they are all wet!

Some cats tolerate water better than others, but baths are a great way to preserve their coat health and are well worth the effort. When washing it, go slowly at each step; if he gets very nervous stop what you are doing, but keep him in or near the water until he calms down, go back to the load.

If you see a way to get a bath without too much trouble, you can go for dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo for cats

Baking soda can be used as a dry shampoo for cats (and dogs and fridges, but that’s another story …)

Gently rub the baking soda all over your scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush it off.

Brush your cat, help their hair and they love it!

You can use a regular brush, they will undoubtedly benefit from a smoother coat with fewer hairballs . If you haven’t already, you should give it a try.

The gloves they sell for brushing are also very good, apart from removing loose hair, they are used to clean them of leaves and balls that stick to them in the field.


Go for the legs!


Check the pads of their paws for dryness, cuts, infections, etc. They can sometimes have splinters or thorns stuck between their toes, and cats are masters at hiding their discomfort.


Hopefully, with so much to scratch, your cat will damage the top layer of nails. It is worth checking that they are clean and sharp, trim them a bit if necessary.

Watch her butt!

Don’t forget to look at the far end of your cat. It is necessary and can indicate things like infections, worms, or dietary problems . If you notice anything unusual, see your vet.

The stool should be small and firm and should not contain any signs of blood or parasites. Evidence of health problems for your feline friend isn’t always present, but this can be a good place to look for clues.

The bikini operation!

It should be quite easy to tell if your cat is overweight or too thin, knowing it can be seen with the naked eye. It is very important to your overall health that you maintain a proper weight . You should be able to feel their ribs but they should not be scored.

In most cases, excess weight is directly related to diet, many companies already produce healthy and low-fat foods. If after improving your cat’s diet, he is still overweight or underweight, you should take him to the vet.


And so far the summer checkup for cats; We hope you found it useful and interesting and let us know if we forgot anything.





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