Symptoms and treatment of respiratory carcinoma in cats

Our dear friend can also end up being a victim of cancer, a disease that, as we well know, if not treated in time, can be fatal for the affected person. Although there are several types and all of them are equally worrisome, respiratory carcinoma is one of the most frequent in felines.

As we are experts in hiding pain, it will be our turn to be very attentive to any change that occurs in the furry’s daily routine, since any detail, no matter how small, can indicate that their health is weakening. To make it easier, we are going to tell you what the symptoms and treatment of respiratory carcinoma in cats are.

What is respiratory carcinoma?

Respiratory carcinoma, better known as lung cancer or cancer of the respiratory system, is a disease that affects, as its name suggests, the lungs and / or the nasal passages. It can originate in different types of cells, for which several are known, which are:

What are the symptoms?

As the disease progresses, the cat may suffer above all a cough and difficulty breathing , but the loss of appetite, apathy, sadness, general malaise and depression must not be ruled out either . Also, adenocarcinoma can spread to the foot bones and cause lameness and pain.

If our cat has any of the mentioned, there is no doubt: we have to take it to the vet as soon as possible . Your life may depend on it.

Which is the treatment?

Treatment will consist, whenever possible, in the removal of tumors . Also, the professional may recommend radio and / or chemotherapy.


Cancer is not a disease that can be taken as a joke . We must bear in mind that the sooner the diagnosis is made, the longer we can have our cat with us.



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