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The key thing when you’re looking for a large, sturdy scratching post is his stability. There are many XXL scratching posts on the market, and I went around the online shops to understand and sift through the reviews, which ones could be the most stable and robust.

It would not be nice if your cat fell from a great height, so it is essential that the scratching post has a nice foundation, so as to support the entire scratching tree in balance, even if the cat climbs by jumping to the top. The perch must be sturdy!

We have already talked about how much a cat needs movement especially when he always lives at home, and maybe tends to eat too much out of boredom, so let him get into a nice one equipped wall or on one cat gym how can it be a ceiling scratching post would help him and stimulate him to move more.

If you have a large-sized cat, it is important to set up the right spaces in the house for him to move around, and to buy a suitable scratching post, also of big size.

If you have a Maine Coon, or a Norwegian, or in any case a large cat, the scratcher must also be of the appropriate size, otherwise the cat will not be able to stretch itself in the right way when it does its nails.

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Also cats love a lot observe the world from above or sleep in raised areas of the house, so a high scratching post, perhaps on the ceiling, could be the ideal choice, given that there are some that take up little space horizontally, but develop a lot vertically.

In this type of scratching post, your cat will be able to climb and maybe find comfortable kennels or hammocks to sleep high up.

I took some time, and I went to see what’s available in online stores, the various offers for giant scratching posts, bearing in mind that they are always sturdy, that don’t break easily and can withstand the wild games of even huge cats.

Natural Paradise Scratching Post XXL

I discovered the Natural Paradise brand of scratching posts while browsing the site zooplus where I do most of my shopping for my cats, and it hit me right away.

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THE Natural Paradise scratching post they struck me because they are very elegant the plywood that makes up the thick shelves comes from forest companies ecological is untreated and is 100% natural.

In particular, I selected the Natural Paradise XXl scratching post, the tallest of the line, with large raised kennels, hammock, and shelves.

From a very solid idea even just looking at it, the columns are covered with 1 cm of sisal rope, the cushions and bunks are fixed to the various shelves with Velcro, so as not to slip, but to be able to remove them to be able to wash them, as they can be washed at 30°.

So nothing to do with the usual Chinese scratching posts covered in that hair that can never be cleaned well.
What do you say? To me it looks like a nice scratching post for large cats, and I would really see a Maine Coon up there 🙂

It can also be assembled in various ways, for the cat’s convenience or for different space requirements.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful XXL scratching post, which can also be fixed to the scratching post xxl natural paradise cat.

These are the technical features of this XXL scratching post:

  • measurements: L 80 x D 58 x H 200-265 cm
  • 1 support base:
    • L 80 x D 58 x H 2.5cm
    • with plastic feet
  • 2 bunks:
    • Approx. Ø 55 x H 12 cm
    • footprint: approx. 35cm
  • 2 platforms:
    • footprint: approx. W70 x D40cm
  • 1 hammock:
    • footprint: approx. W62 x D40cm
  • 2 hammocks:
    • with wooden frame
    • footprint: approx. W50 x D50cm
  • 1 x Adjustable Plush Coated Ceiling Fixing System
  • 3 plush toys, with bells
  • 10 sisal columns, Ø 15 cm:
    • 1 x 90cm
    • 2 x 60cm
    • 2 x 50cm
    • 1 x 40cm
    • 1 x 38.2cm
    • 1 x 37.5cm
    • 2 x 30cm

Ceiling XXL Cat Scratching Post on Ebay

I found an interesting ceiling scratching post on eBay, it seems to me pretty solid and has many surfaces where the cat can lie down or climb. It is a cheaper choice of scratching posts than the others, and in fact you can see the thinner columns and the various parts that are not detachable to be washed.

This giant scratching post is made up of 2 closed kennels, covered in soft plush, one at the bottom and one at the top.
There are 2 hanging balls for playing, 2 ladders for the cats to reach various heights, a hanging cylinder, and two hammock beds, where the cat will sleep soundly from above.

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Here are the technical characteristics:

  • total dimensions (HxWxD): 260 x 60 x 45 cm
  • height: approx. 240 – 260cm
  • basis: approx. 60x45cm
  • basin: diameter approx. 30cm
  • sisal bars: diameter approx. 8cm

Huge scratching post on Amazon

On Amazon I was immediately struck by a really huge scratching post, it looks like an impregnable tower, and even if it doesn’t reach the ceiling, it can also accommodate more than one large cat. In the title of the product, the Maine coon is named as a test of 9 for this scratching post (the scratching post is called Maine Coon Fantasy).

The base is very wide, the columns covered in sisal are very massive (15 centimeters in diameter), the cushions are fixed with Velcro and can be detached for washing, the raised platforms are very solid.

If we want, we can also customize the scratching post with our own kennels or cushions, to give a more personal touch to the home.

All the various parts of this huge scratching post can be reordered in case they need to be renewed or are damaged by our cats.

Here are the technical characteristics:

  • Base Plate: 60 x 60 and 4cm thick.
  • Total Height: 183cm.
  • Weight: 65kg.
  • Sisal posts: 15cm diameter
  • Hammocks: 45cmØ
  • With a large seat on the top of 60x43x15 (5cm thick cushion included)

White Tiger XXL scratching post at Zooplus

On Zooplus I also found a splendid giant scratching post, with a beautiful tiger-striped hammock in the centre, raised kennels, a padded bed at the top and a nice wide base, on which a vertical tunnel with openings also rests

Both the central and lateral hammock can be applied from the white side or from the tiger side. Doesn’t that look like a beautiful giant scratching post to you? Honestly I wish I was that kitten lying in the hammock 🙂

Reviews call this scratching post “imposing”.

Here are the technical characteristics of this huge scratching post:

  • overall dimensions: H 180 x W 115 x D 55 cm
  • 1 support base: L 115 x BP 55 cm
  • 1 tower, covered in plush: Ø 45 x H 50 cm
  • 1 support surface (central): L 115 x D 55 cm
  • 1 XXL hammock
  • table top (upper): approx. W108 x max. D 55 cms
  • 1 large alcove with cot
  • 1 hammock, round: Approx. Ø 40 cm
  • 1 observation platform with removable couch
  • 6 plush columns, Ø 11 cm
  • 5 sisal columns, Ø 11 cm
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Natural Paradise XXL scratching post on Zooplus

Finally, I would like to underline one thing: the scratching post does not always need to be full of kennels and tipis. A scratching post serves as a scratching post, and sometimes, due to space requirements, it is also possible to choose a simple column scratching post, but with a very high column, therefore the bare minimum so that the cat stretches out correctly to stretch.

For this reason I also took into consideration the natural paradise XXl scratching post, a tall column, also natural paradise, therefore built very well, very solid and with natural materials, with ceiling fixing.

The column is 27 centimeters long, so much so that it perfectly simulates a real tree. Very stable because it is wide, this column scratching post that reaches to the ceiling is also equipped with intermediate platforms, so the cat can stretch out and scratch easily.

It is not bulky, because it only takes up the height where the platforms extend, so it can be placed anywhere in the house, and it is also very beautiful.

The beds can be removed to be washed at 30°. A high quality scratching post to make your cat happy.

Here are the technical characteristics of this beautiful column scratching post:

  • measurements (without the side berths): approx. Ø 45 x H 221cm
  • max. space requirement (with laterally oriented berths): approx. W 117 x D 45 x H 219cm
  • 1 support base Ø 45 x H 2.5 cm with plastic feet
  • 3 bunks with border Ca. Ø 46 x H 11 cm
  • storage surfaces: approx. 35cm
  • cover: plush (100% polyester)

What do you think about it? Have you already equipped yourself with scratching posts for your large cat?
If I could, I would dedicate all my spaces to gyms for my cats, scratching posts and trees where they can climb! Write me in the comments how you are equipped up now!

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