Stories about cats, everything you didn’t know about Miao

Apparently strange and atypical behaviors, which make them seem weird or really out of the ordinary. Is it really like this or are we the ones who don’t know them properly?

Learning to understand Miao’s language allows us to improve our relationship with him and help him when he needs it. On the other hand, everything that is natural must be indulged, but to do this we must be more aware.

Here then is that the stories of cats will answer the most disparate questions, but will ensure that the gap between bipeds and quadrupeds – two species so different, but also so equal – is reduced in favor of both!

Micio, A Continuous Discovery

The stories of cats that most often come to light concern many aspects of his physicality and its proverbial senses. In fact, his little face is not only funny and you can always find it on you, but it represents a real footprint that makes our four-legged friend unique.

In fact, we are not only dealing with an organ with extraordinary capabilities. It is also a body part of our beloved Miao that makes it unique and inimitable. Even the smallest detail makes them all different from each other. It is a distinctive sign about which there can be no doubts.

Kitty Eats Grass And Then Vomits?

Did you know that nutrition for our four-legged friend is very important? But because it is a lot small and delicate. A detail that not everyone knows, but which can clearly explain why the trusted veterinarian – who also knows any previous clinical history and breed characteristics – is always so repetitive when he recommends the utmost attention to the diet of our little ball of fur

Then her eyes they glow in the dark and they almost seem to have x-rays, so much is his vision developed and performing during the night hours. The same cannot be said during the day. Felines are short-sighted and see very close objects blurry! That’s why some goofy videos capture them banging left and right.

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The Voice? It’S Not The Same For Everyone!

Also, not all furballs meow the same way. Strange to say but it is so and in the adoption phase this is a detail that should not be underestimated if we know that we have neighbors who are particularly sensitive to noise.

There are cat breeds that are particularly quiet and then there are some particularly noisy. Furthermore, the verses they emit tell us so much about their state of mind and health. Did you know that Micio only meows when he talks to us?

Experienced Runners Or Stay-At-Home?

The stories of cats, the videos that immortalize them reveal a lot about the characteristics of felines and many curiosities find answers. There are specimens that can give a hard time to the best Olympic runner and others who wouldn’t move from the sofa for anything in the world.

There are many feline specimens that love to run and do it very well. We are dealing with extremely beings elegant and agilebut above all fast.

The breed, the length of the limbs and the aerodynamics are crucial points in determining the athletic characteristics of a four-legged friend. Of course everyone they love heights and having the whole situation constantly under control: the videos in which they start meowing because… they are unable to get off!

Miao And His Superhero Ears

The ears of our four-legged friends have much more muscles than those of us mere mortals, who are lucky enough to live with them. Precisely because of this abundance, we can define them as gods skilled communicators. This despite the linguistic gap between us and them is undoubtedly important.

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Don’t worry, though. Living in close contact with them and getting to know them better meant that these differences weren’t all that marked. Moreover, it is this that makes our Miao adored particularly funny cats focus on the unsaid, the non-verbal and are capable of making hundreds of different facial expressions.

The hearing system of our little ball of hair is also special for another reason. Indeed, it is capable of pick up sounds which are emitted four times further than we humble humans with limited capabilities can. That’s why they are apparently activated even when everything seems calm!

The Language Of Cats

Cat stories are so many and we can’t even mention them all. That’s why it’s worth it browse our dedicated section. Just to add a pinch of spice, let’s also say that our four-legged friend is able to recognize the words that we bipeds pronounce.

Nothing to do with the typical anthropomorphism of animated films and more. Romeo can’t really talk to us and he can’t fully understand us. The same goes for Garfield, perhaps the most famous feline of television.

That what happens in reality However, it is just as extraordinary. In fact, our beloved Miao is capable of recognizing an average of 200 words, exactly like a two-year-old child does. Science confirms it.

But the abilities of our little ball of fur certainly don’t stop at the vocabulary: he is also a champion in interpretation of gestures expressions, tones of voice and even the look.

Micio Likes To Simulate And… Knead

Among the stories of cats we find much that reveals their way of moving. If they stare, they stand up, arch their backs, and hopping on its legs it is sending us signals of defiance. Or maybe not, is he faking?

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Surely he’s faking the attack to another of its kind and is trying to appear bigger. But is he serious about it or does he just want to play? Understanding the difference is not a trivial detail.

Among the atypical behaviors of the feline there is that of make bread. On the belly of the human friend, on the pillows and blankets, wherever he finds something soft he reveals himself as a skilled masseur, but this is certainly not his end. Which? We tell you about My cat is a legend!

Knowing Miao As Well As Possible Is A Plus!

Know the greatest number of particularities of the race that we would have chosen among all to become an integral part of the family it is an effort worth making. This way we will be perfect for Miao and he will be perfect for us.

Lifestyle, habits and needs of one must not clash with those of the other and vice versa. Only in this way will coexistence be peaceful and no one will suffer from the shortcomings or excesses of all the players involved, who are inevitably different from each other.

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