Snowshoe cat Breed, character and care

The snowshoe is a good-natured cat with a robust and elegant complexion, halfway between the Siamese and the American shorthair , from whose cross it comes. Its name “snowshoe” refers to its characteristic white socks that contrast with the rest of the leg.

Along with his rounded and white feet, his gaze of an intense blue and the white mask in the shape of an inverted V are his most outstanding identifying marks. Although it can be a bit noisy, it adapts perfectly to all environments and is very affectionate.

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Snowshoe cat characteristics

Medium in size with a muscular build , their colorpoint pattern with the tail, ears and face in a darker hue makes these specimens delicate and extremely beautiful felines.

  • Origin USA (Philadelphia)
  • Medium size
  • Weight of 4 to 5 kg males and 3 to 4 kg females
  • Short, soft and dense hair. Blue, dark brown, lilac or chocolate color in single or tabby pattern
  • Triangular and somewhat rounded head
  • Medium-sized ears, wide and pointed base
  • Large, oval, deep blue eyes
  • Thick tail, wider at the base and rounded tip
  • Estimated longevity of 14 to 19 years
  • Difficulty taking care of it low

Snowshoe breed character

Snowshoes are cats with a calm, affectionate and curious temperament that prefer to spend their hours indoors. They are very intelligent and social, so it is advisable to propose interactive games that they can develop together with children.

They accept the caresses of almost anyone and live happily with other pets . They don’t like loneliness. Therefore, if they are going to have to stay alone, it is convenient that they have other playmates.

Do you know that they are capable of learning to bring objects and that they love water? Above all, running water. They have a predilection for high places. With a cat tree that can climb, it will be the happiest cat .

Especially males can be disliked by their typical meow, although it is less intense than in Siamese cats . In this way, they express their annoyance or try to get your attention.

Snowshoe cat care

His coat calls for brushing a couple of times a week in order to prevent the ingestion of dead hairballs . It is recommended to use a comb with wide and separate teeth so as not to damage your skin when brushing.

Your teeth and ears should be cleaned regularly . For example, once a week or every 15 days using specific mouth and ear cleaners for cats and following the guidelines established by the veterinarian.

Your diet should be balanced so that it provides you with the variety of nutrients that your age, activity level, and health require. Consulting the specialist will facilitate our choice to guarantee the well-being of our pet.

In this context, to prevent overweight, as well as the complications that it can trigger, we must encourage them to exercise by providing them with daily and appropriate toys and games.

Breed health

As it is a recently created breed, there are hardly any records of congenital diseases associated with it. In fact, the lack of data points to a disease resistant breed in excellent health. This is evidenced by their life expectancy.

Providing a varied and rationed diet, proper hydration and environmental stimuli to exercise will allow you to enjoy excellent health . Vaccinations and deworming, internal and external, must also be up to date.

History of the breed and fun facts

This breed hails from Philadelphia. The breeder Dorothy Hinds-Draugherty is responsible for this mix of Siamese and American shorthair. The crossing took place in the 1960s and the result could not have been more surprising.

Dorothy managed to consolidate the colorpoint scheme , this breed being recognized by the International Feline Federation (FIFe) in 1974 and ten years later, in 1984, by the European WCF. Nowadays, more and more breeders and cat lovers are betting on this breed.

However, outside the US it is not as well known. Do you know that their spots do not appear until several weeks after their birth? This detail means that there are no 2 identical snowshoe cats.



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