Small cats Breed

There are small cat breeds. This type of breed is ideal for living in houses or apartments. We will refer to some of them.

Singapore or Sigapur
cat These cats are very small. Many consider it to be the smallest in the world. They have their origins in Singapore, they are known for having very soft short hair. The eyes are green or amber in color. The coat color is usually brown. Despite their small size, they are very strong cats.

Rusty Cat
This breed of cat reaches a maximum of 40 centimeters from head to tail. Their weight is around 1.5 kilograms, although some only weigh 1 kilo.

Balinese cat
It is a cat whose health can become delicate, requiring a lot of care. He is nice and funny.

munchkin cat
His weight does not exceed 4 kilos. Their legs are short as a consequence of a natural mutation. It is a cat that enjoys playing, it is always active.

Devon Rex Cat
It is an ideal small pet for houses where there is not too much room. Its weight is around 3 kilos, the hair is short and reddish, the ears are large.

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