Skin tumors in cats

When we think about living with a cat it is very important that we bear in mind that it can live an average of 20 years, and that during all that time we must make sure we provide an excellent life. And that means taking him to the vet from time to time, first to get the vaccines, the microchip and to get him punished, and then every time we suspect that he is unwell.

And is that one of the most common problems are skin tumors in cats . Therefore, I am going to tell you which are the most frequent.

Squamous cell carcinoma

It is a very common cancer, especially in cats that have light hair. These cancer cells form flat, hard, grayish ulcers that appear in areas where there are holes, such as the mouth, ears, and nose. It is very dangerous as it gets worse very quickly. If it is not treated in time, the affected animal can die.

Basal cell carcinoma

It is the most common in cats. They form nodules under the skin of animals concentrating on the chest, back and on the top of the head . Therefore, if we observe any unusual lump or growth, we must quickly consult a professional.


Melanoma is the most well-known and dangerous skin cancer, both in people and in cats, although fortunately felines do not usually suffer from it. The tumors can appear anywhere on the body, even inside the mouth . So if we see a spot that was not there before, we must urgently take them to the vet.


These tumors appear especially in cats with neoplasms on the abdomen, hind legs, or scrotum. They are in the form of small nodules that, if not treated in time, could cause affected animals to have severe pain, vomiting and swelling.



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