Skin diseases in cats: Dermatitis, skin allergies and other conditions

Skin disorders are very common in cats and can be caused by parasites, allergies, bacterial or fungal infections, tumors, or systemic diseases. A cat’s skin can be pink or black depending on the natural pigments of its breed or its particular genetic history. There should be no scabs, irritation, flaking, white or black spots, lumps or lumps, inflamed or infected areas, and the coat should be soft and shiny with no broken hairs, lumps or dandruff. Cats can lose hair throughout the year, but the loss is usually most severe in summer and fall (molting). Therefore, you will have to brush your hair often and buy a good vacuum cleaner. Some breeds need frequent hair brushing,

Dry skin in a cat

Your home environment can affect your cat’s skin. High temperatures can dry out and flake your pet’s skin. However, unless the cat is scratching constantly, dry skin is unlikely to be a major health problem. Ask your vet how you can best care for your cat’s skin, and consider whether the quality of the food is adequate.

Parasitic disease

Mites, ticks, and fleas are common in cats. See the section on these specific skin disorders for more information.

Skin allergy

Allergic reactions can occur when a cat has been repeatedly exposed to a material, the allergen, that causes the reaction. This process involves the immune system making antibodies that trigger a series of actions in the body that release inflammatory substances, which in turn cause itching. If your cat is exposed to allergens, you will find that it is scratching and its skin is inflamed. You can develop skin lesions and infections, as well as hair loss.

Many substances can act as allergens and cause skin allergies or allergic dermatitis. Among these, there are:

Inhaled allergens such as mold, pollen, and dust particles.

Flea allergies: the cat is allergic to the saliva present in the flea bite.

Contact dermatitis – caused by skin exposure to an irritant, such as soaps, home and garden sprays, chemicals, flea collars, feathers, or wool.

Food allergies: cats are allergic to any of the proteins in their food.

diagnose skin allergies

To diagnose the cause of your cat’s skin allergy, you will likely need to see your vet. When you go to the vet, provide a complete history of your pet’s symptoms, and indicate the time of year when allergy symptoms appear. Before determining the cause of the problem, the veterinarian may want to examine some or all of the causes listed above. In some cases, the allergy is due to a combination of some of these factors and therefore the veterinarian may consider reducing the impact of some or all of these factors when deciding on the best procedure for each animal. In more severe cases, your veterinarian may recommend a skin test to determine the exact cause of the allergic reaction.

If a portion of food is responsible for the skin disorder, the cat will likely show signs of gastrointestinal discomfort. In this case, it is important to analyze the cat’s diet and try to isolate the cause. You can find more information on this here.

Treatment of skin allergies

Veterinarians often recommend a variety of treatments to help you manage cat skin allergies and relieve symptoms. These include medical treatments, therapeutic regimens, and behavioral therapeutic approaches. They can be applied individually or in combination.

The skin allergies can be very uncomfortable for your cat, can take a long time to heal and often require long term care. However, most of the problems are resolved satisfactorily, and the cat regains its health and happiness.



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