Siamese cat habits and behavior: what to know

The Siamese is an affectionate, sweet and even a little mischievous cat, with habits that many would define as “strange”. For us they are nothing short of delicious!

The Siamese is a truly unique cat of its kind, with a very particular character and curious habits to say the least. In short, if you are looking for the classic Micio who spends all day dozing, this is not the one for you!

All cats have some basic behaviors in common, however Meezers (also called after the last part of the word “Siamese”: Mese, Meeze, Meezer) are known for some “quirks” that will make you fall in love with them even more.

So let’s find out what they are habits strangest and most particular of the Siamese cat and what you should know about this very special Micio.


What is the character of the Siamese cat

The habits of the Siamese cat fully reflect its character, very different from that of all its other kind. Let’s just say he’s a life partner one of a kind and anyone who has had the good fortune to care for one will be able to confirm this.

Basically the Siamese is a Cat super affectionate with the people who take care of him, one of those who care so much to make you feel their presence. And that happens in virtually every situation! It’s no wonder you see him appear in the bathroom or stay by your side while you work on your PC or prepare dinner. The Siamese wants to be there, always and in any case!

This cat is also very clever, so much so that fans of the breed say that few other animals can compete with him. Will they be biased? Only a little, we can confirm that the Siamese really has an intelligence out of the ordinary, which translates into an equally strong curiosity. It doesn’t take him long to learn to open wardrobes, windows and doors…

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This leads him to get bored rather easily and to give the impression of being a little “moody”. If you want to make him really happy, know that boredom shouldn’t exist at home!

The Siamese is a “talking” cat

meowing cat

The overview of the behavior of the Siamese gives us the image of a very special cat, but among the habits that characterize it there is a beautiful one: it is a “talking” cat! And no, we don’t want to say that he knows how to learn human vocabulary (although, never say never…), rather that he is a well- aware of one’s voice and who uses it to build a real form of communication with the humans of his family.

Intelligent, talkative, affectionate. Combine these three characteristics and you will get a cat that he knows what he wants and is not at all shy when it comes to requesting something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s attention, cuddles, baby food or something else, the Siamese manages to make you understand exactly what he wants at that particular moment, just as he doesn’t have too many problems “protesting” when something doesn’t go too well for him.

The Siamese follows you everywhere

cat with blue eyes

This cat he’s a really nice guy! If you intend to take care of one in your home, be prepared not only to hear his meows and particular vocalizations of him, but also to find him in your feet at all times!

The Siamese is a very affectionate cat, one of those who do not disdain at all cuddles and attentions, even when you are busy doing other things. He will follow you everywhere from room to room because the thing that makes him happier than any other in the world is precisely the company of the people he loves. It doesn’t matter if to play, stand on your lap or even just to stare at you from a distance: the Siamese wants to be with you, period!

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Play and fun are a must

blue eyes cat

If you are looking for a lazy and sleepy headed cat, the Siamese is not exactly the right one for you. Like all cats it loves to play, but it’s much more active and energetic than most of his fellows: he loves climbing, chasing prey, hiding in the strangest (and highest, if possible) spots and playing ambush.

There is never a shortage of mischief with the Siamese but it’s up to us to prevent him from getting into trouble. Always provide it toys that stimulate him both physically and mentally, give him the opportunity to climb and jump safely with the appropriate scratching trees, shelves and equipped walls for cats (which are beautiful, by the way).

Furthermore, however independent, we can even teach the Siamese to play fetch, just like a puppy!

A cat a bit… Jealous!

sad cat

A lot of affection and attachment to one’s human heart can often turn into real jealousy. Being a Micio that loves to be the center of attention, the presence of another pet or small child could create problems. We’re not saying you have to avoid the situation, of course! Just pay attention to never let him lack the consideration he feels he needs to be happy.

A practical example is the case of the Siamese that is left behind alone for too long. In this situation it is generally advisable to find him a company, not necessarily a cat of the same feline breed but in any case his “equal” with whom to doze, play and run freely, without getting bored or suffering from the absence of humans.

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So, if you are prepared for an intelligent, highly interactive, adorable and demanding pet, you will surely like this cat. If you can accept the challenge, a Siamese could be just what you are looking for!

Siamese cat habits, many people also asked us:

cat with folded legs

How old does the average Siamese cat live?

The Siamese is a rather long-lived cat, which lives on average between 15 and 20 years old. Obviously if we take care of him in the right way, with regular visits to the vet and all the attention he needs!

How to tell if a Siamese cat is purebred?

It’s not that difficult to recognize a Siamese… it’s a really beautiful cat with an unmistakable coat! The coat is short and pale and becomes darker on the tail, muzzle and ears (the so-called colour point in the seal, blue, chocolate and lilac variants). The eyes are a beautiful deep blue!

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