Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese Cat Breed

With agile movements and a slender body, the Siamese is one of the oldest feline breeds that exist. He has strong muscles and a loving and intrepid temperament that will win you over.

In its origins in Siam, present-day Thailand, it was considered a sacred animal due to the white color that characterizes them at birth, an amulet that attracts good luck. His need for human companionship earns him the nickname “cat dog.”

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Characteristics of the Siamese cat

Due to a thermal gene, the coldest areas of the body (legs, tail, face and ears) are darker than the trunk, which is usually a beige or cream color. In these areas of lower temperature the pigment fixes more easily.

Asian Origin
Medium size
Weight from 4.5 to 7 kg males and 3.5 to 5.5 kg females
Pelo corto, abundante y sedoso. Colores: En la variante oriental, seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac point, red point, cream point, canela, cervato y blanco. En la variante thai, seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac point, red point, cream point y tabby point.
Triangular head
Large pointed ears
Almond-shaped eyes with an intense blue tone
Long, narrow, hooked tail
Estimated longevity of 12 to 18 years
Difficulty caring for it low


Character of the Siamese cat breed

The Siamese cat stands out for its curious and affectionate character . Their intelligence and powers of observation are fueled by their innate curiosity. He is tremendously affectionate with his adult acquaintances, becoming depressed if it is not reciprocated.

Therefore, it is not good to be alone all day. He is impatient and tends to complain with great theatricality if he does not get what he wants instantly. He loves to play, also with children, as well as to climb, hide or go for walks in the open air.

Try taking him to nature, if you want, on a leash, and you will see how he unleashes his investigative instincts. He becomes jealous and possessive of his own . Instead, he is somewhat elusive with strangers.

Despite being a peaceful race, it can fight with other congeners due to its instinct to protect the territory. As an Asian cat, he is hyperactive and overflowing with vitality. Train him from puppyhood on where he can play and where he can’t, but do it without yelling.

Do you know what a sleepyhead is? You can sleep up to 12 hours . The first hours of the day and the evening for its favorite moments to entertain you with its purr. They reach sexual maturity at 5 months and the beds are numerous.

You must arm yourself with patience to deal with periods of heat, since the meows are constant and high-pitched, similar to the cry of a baby. For all these reasons, it is convenient that you resort to sterilization if you want to avoid abandonment.

Although it resists home changes, if you get used to it from a young age, it tolerates car trips, curious right?

Recommended care for a Siamese kitten

As it is a short-haired feline, brushing will not take long. A couple of times a week will be enough to remove dust and dead hair. Use a short bristle brush and a damp cloth afterward to enhance its shine.

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Allow him to exercise, since to enjoy health he demands a play space. Of course, you must establish limits from puppyhood. Otherwise, it will take over the whole house. Teach him with patience and good words. He does not handle screaming well.

Give him the love and attention he needs. Your dependency could make you sick if you don’t feel loved. Take this into account before purchasing or adopting it. Their diet should be healthy, preferably enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to take care of their coat, being highly recommended natural nutrition:

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Go to the vet to submit him to the semiannual check-ups and keep his vaccination schedule updated. Needless to say, if you have any signs of illness, you should go to a specialist.

Common health problems in the Siamese breed

In general terms, it is a breed with a long life expectancy, being able to reach 20 years of life if the care it demands is taken care of. However, as with some breeds of cat, it is predisposed to certain pathologies .

Strabismus was more recurrent in its origins. Today, it is more rare as a result of selective crosses. Hydrocephalus and breast carcinoma in females are equally rare now.

Respiratory infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria . If you notice persistent sneezing, which is apathetic and inappetent, go to the vet. The knots in the tail are another of the most recurrent diseases in the Siamese cat.

They are triggered by the deformation of the cartilage of the sternum. Heart disease, poor circulation, old age obesity, otitis and deafness complete the list of pathologies to which this breed is more prone.

Siamese breed history and fun facts

This elegant and graceful breed of cat comes from the kingdom of Siam, present-day Thailand, where it was considered a sacred animal of enormous value. So much so that only royalty could have it.

Its white color at birth made it a pure animal, which attracted luck and housed the spirit of the deceased. The first records of this breed date back to 1350. The Poem of the cat kept in the Bangok National Library corroborates this .

In Europe it was introduced at the end of the 19th century. Specifically, in 1884 when the English consul in Bangok, Owen Gould, gave his sister 2 copies of this breed. In the USA it did so around 1890. The FIFE officially recognized this breed in 1936.

There are certain legends linked to the Siamese cat. It is said that several specimens of this breed were entrusted with the care of vases full of precious stones. The cats guarded them so well that their tails were curled and their eyes squinted.

The princesses of Ayudhia, capital of the kingdom of Siam, destroyed by the Burmese in 1767, placed their rings on the tail of their Siamese cats. Hence, they are curved and hooked.

Do you know that there are 2 variants of the Siamese cat? The oriental or modern cat is slimmer and with a sharper face than the Thai or traditional cat . The latter has a more rounded body, although smaller than the eastern one.


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