Should you bathe your cat?  When and how ?

Should You Bathe Your Cat? When And How ?

Cats are very clean pets. It must be said that the feline occupies a good part of its days to make its toilet. This remains superficial, so we can wonder if it is necessary to wash your cat. Indeed, while the dog is soaped at home or at the groomer, the cat’s toilet seems less obvious. Should you bathe your cat? How to proceed ? Here are some answers.

Should You Really Wash Your Cat?

Before discussing the solutions for the toilet of a feline, we will deal with a fundamental question: should you wash your cat? The answer is yes, but not in the way you think. The toilet of the cat does not always impose a bath and a shampoo. Moreover, the bath must remain exceptional for the cat because it generates a lot of stress. Your affectionate animal can even be aggressive. If your pet is dirty, brush it or clean it with a damp cloth.

The bath has many disadvantages. In addition to being a great source of stress for your pet, not all shampoos and soaps are suitable for a cat’s fragile skin. They are irritating and their scent can be unbearable for the animal. Moreover, this feline easily catches cold when it is wet to the skin. In case of rain, its hairs protect it but for the shower, their action is not enough.

When To Opt For The Bath To Wash Your Cat?

The Cat Is Very Dirty

The bath of a cat must remain exceptional. Sometimes it imposes itself. This is the case if your pet is very dirty. The limit is simple: if your cat can clean itself, then the bath is not essential. If the dirt is too heavy, you must intervene. Before using shampoo, try washing your pet with clean water. Sometimes that’s enough.

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The Cat Smells Bad

It happens that on returning from a walk your cat has an unbearable odor. Feces, foul liquid, the origins of this bad smell can be multiple. In this situation, the bath is essential and this, with a shampoo. Of course, we opt for a formula designed for cats. It is possible to find it in pharmacies or at the veterinarian.

The Cat No Longer Grooms Itself

If your cat is old, sick or injured, he may not be able to groom himself. In this case, you need to wash it. The bath must be done gently, especially if your cat suffers from osteoarthritis. If he is unwell, you have to make sure that the bath is really beneficial.

The Cat Has Parasites

In case of parasites, the bath may be necessary. If your feline has only a few parasites, a treatment in the form of drops or a spray is sufficient. However, in case of massive presence of parasites, it is necessary to opt for the bath. In this situation, the shampoo to use is the antiparasitic treatment that you can find in pharmacies or at the veterinarian.

How To Prepare The Bath For The Toilet Of The Cat?

If you want to soap your cat, you must prepare the bathtub, the shower or even the bedpan to reduce risks and stress. It is essential to place a rubber mat so that your pet does not slip. The water should be lukewarm. If it is too hot or too cold, the risk of irritation and discomfort is higher. It is important to pay particular attention to the height of the water, it should not exceed 10 cm for an adult cat. Remember that cats are naturally afraid of water.

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How To Wash The Cat?

To wash a cat, you have to be patient and constantly reassure the animal. To do this, just talk to him. The use of the shower is not recommended, it is better to opt for a small container such as a glass to wet your cat. Don’t get water on his head. Put the shampoo in your hands and gently cleanse. For the head, use a washcloth or small towel. Once washed, your cat should be gently rinsed. Then dry it in a towel.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat?

There is no recommended frequency for bathing your cat. It must be done when it is essential. For example, if your cat is dirty, one bath is enough! If he is undergoing treatment, the instructions must be followed. A cat should not be bathed regularly unless it is necessary.

If you have a long-haired cat, it’s a good idea to give it baths when it’s very young. Indeed, the coat gets dirty more easily and baths are more frequent. The young cat must be accustomed to water.

Focus On Good Brushing

Sometimes brushing is a good alternative to bathing. If it is regular, brushing prevents dirt from accumulating, it also reduces the appearance of knots. After bathing, brushing is highly recommended so that the cat’s hair does not get tangled. Rest assured, felines love to be brushed!

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