Should I remove the cat’s nails?

Fortunately, many people have a cat in their life but are unaware of the damage they can cause if they decide to remove the cat’s nails. We all know that cats can scratch curtains, the sofa and various furniture in the house … not to mention that they can even scratch ourselves.

But the solution is not to go to a veterinarian to extract the cat’s nails , but to look for alternatives that do not cause pain, or leave our little four-legged furry disabled. Let’s see what we can do to avoid amputating your nails.

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What does a cat use its nails for?

Claws are a fundamental part of the morphology of cats, not only does it help them to hunt or at least to try, but they are essential for tasks as simple as climbing or holding on to the danger of a fall.

Not to mention that they also serve to defend themselves, a cat without nails is like a car without wheels , something without meaning. People who operate on their cats to amputate their nails, simply should not have a cat, or at least not a real one (they buy a stuffed animal).

Alternatives to nail removal in cats

If you are thinking of amputating your cat’s claws, it is probably because he did some big damage to you at home. But don’t forget… that when you adopted or bought the kitten, you already knew that.

It is not necessary to amputate their nails forever, you simply have to cut their nails monthly to prevent them from growing excessively, we explain how to do it here: How to cut a cat’s nails.

Something fundamental is to provide the cat with a good scratching post, it is something similar to a cat toy, which serves precisely what its name indicates, scratching. Cats can remove their claws and enjoy scratching this toy a lot , so that the rest of the furniture in the house will no longer be in danger.

  • How to make a homemade scraper.

There are even some kind of covers for cat nails, but to be honest, it is not something that the cat likes or makes him feel comfortable. It is not a viable option, for those who are already thinking about it.

Dangers of removing nails from a cat

Although the surgical intervention itself does not usually pose a danger to the cat’s life as it is not very invasive, it should be noted that more than fifty percent of these types of operations present problems in the short, medium and long term.

The most common problem is chronic pain in the cat, which not only will constantly meow to complain but on many occasions it will not even want to walk . Due to the great pain that this causes them.

Infections are also very common if this operation is performed, since being retractable and having been removed, we give rise to a small hole where pus, germs and bacteria can do their thing.

And last but not least, depression . Cats also get depressed and when they see that they cannot do what they have always done, because they do not have nails…. they will be depressed.

In many Spanish autonomous communities, it is forbidden by law to carry out this type of operation, where nails are amputated. The fines are very high and can even lead to termination of the veterinary license. It is not something to be made a joke, amputating the nails of an animal is torture .


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