Selling cats on the internet: what does the law say?  What are the rules?

Selling cats on the internet: what does the law say? What are the rules?

Your cat had babies. You took advantage of it and you enjoyed seeing your pet in its role of mom. But now, the little ones are growing up and you can’t keep them all. What to do ? You have two options: you can give them away or sell them. But before making your choice, you must be aware of the regulations in force. Be aware that online or live, the regulations are the same! Here is more information on the subject.

Everything You Need To Know About Selling Cats On The Internet

Who Can Sell A Kitten Online?

The sale of cats is not open to everyone. Only breeders can sell cats either directly or online. It is very easy to be considered a breeder. The definition is as follows: a breeder is a person who owns at least 1 breeding female and who sells at least 1 kitten. Of course, this little cat must be born from the female. All owners of a cat that has given birth to kittens are therefore potentially breeders!

It is forbidden to sell a kitten that was not born to your pet. Only true professionals like pet stores can do this. In this case, they have a SIREN number and a Siret number. This rule only applies until January 1, 2024. After this date, the sale of cats in pet stores will be prohibited.

What Is An Offer To Sell?

An offer to sell is simply a small advertisement that allows professionals to sell a cat. To put them online, breeders have to pay. Online sales offers are not authorized unless they are published in a section dedicated to pets. This must imperatively mention the awareness and information messages relating to the acquisition of a pet such as a cat but also a dog.

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All offers must include the following information.

    • pet’s age
    • Mention of the LOOF registration (Official Book of Feline Origins) if applicable
    • Mention of breed or absence of breed
    • SIREN and Siret numbers
    • Pet price

Attention ! From July 1, 2023, the advertiser site will be required to verify that the mandatory information is included in the ad. The identity of the person posting the ad and the identification of the cat with Icad will also be verified

Conditions For Buying A Cat

In France, a minor cannot in any case buy a cat. If he wishes to adopt a feline, he must obtain the consent of his parents (or guardians). Kittens offered for adoption must be at least 8 weeks old. Before, he is not ready to leave his mother. Moreover, it may even happen that weaning is not finalized.

Electronic chip identification is mandatory. It allows the cat that is offered for sale to be registered in the national identification file for domestic carnivores. It is now forbidden to sell or give away a cat that is not identified. In addition, the costs related to identification are the responsibility of the cat’s family that gave birth.

Once the two parties have reached an agreement, a certificate of commitment must be signed by the buyer, whether or not he is the future master of your kitten. After a period of 7 days, the animal can be handed over to its new master. In this certificate, the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of the animal are specified. Before committing, the buyer must imperatively ensure that he has the financial capacity to meet the needs of the cat.

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To finalize the sale, the seller must obtain a certificate that includes the following information.

    • Name, address and company name
    • Icad identification of the animal
    • European passport number
    • Veterinary certificate of sterilization
    • Vaccinations performed
    • Copy of the declaration of birth entered in the genealogical book

Attention ! In the absence of a SIREN number and the mandatory information, the person who put the kitten up for sale risks a fine of between €750 and €77,500.

All about cat donation

In France, it is quite possible to publish a donation offer online. As is the case for sales, these announcements must be published in a dedicated section. The information that must be quoted is the same as in the context of a sale. Here they are again.

    • pet’s age
    • Mention of the LOOF registration (Official Book of Feline Origins) if applicable
    • Mention of breed or absence of breed
    • Siren and Siret numbers

It is imperative that the donation offer indicates the animal is given without financial compensation. The minimum age to adopt a kitten is 8 weeks. The tattoo is also compulsory. Know that even in the context of a donation, it is imperative to identify the animal. The steps must be completed at the time of the adoption. The identification is done thanks to the electronic chip. It is put in place by the veterinarian. A commitment certificate completes the long list of things required in the event of the sale or donation of a kitten.

Adopting a cat: best practices

If you plan to adopt a kitten, know that you will be responsible for the animal. You must feed it, educate it, protect it and care for it when necessary. You must have sufficient financial resources. Be aware that cats that are adopted within associations or even the SPA are subject to stricter rules. These associations can request a tax notice.

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A cat has an average life expectancy of 15 years. He needs a rest area where he can rest, a dining area with a bowl of water and one for kibble, finally he must have a cleanliness area which is none other than his litter. Install a cat tree, a scratching post, a cat flap and provide your feline with toys to stimulate it… You have to adopt good habits.

New cat owners should have their pet treated if necessary. It is a legal obligation! It is forbidden to :

Several practices are thus prohibited, such as,

    • not feeding a cat enough to eat,
    • do not treat it,
    • surgical interventions that do not have curative objectives,
    • to abandon his pet.

Adopting a cat is a big decision. This is why, if your cat has babies, it may take time for you to find the right owners. Take your time ! Make sure that the people chosen love cats, that they have the capacity to welcome the animal but also to take care of it in the long term

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