Selkirk rex Cat Breed

Selkirk rex Cat Breed

Do you know that this breed is one of the most patient out there? Their peculiar curly hair and that calm and affectionate character make them highly recommended cats as pets, both in the case of families with young children and in that of elderly people who live alone. His company conquers everyone equally.

Make no mistake, the surname rex does not refer to its relationship to the Devon rex or the Cornish rex. It only refers to their curly hair, which in the case of the Selkirk is especially thick and kinky. In fact, they proudly show off their curls all over their bodies. Continue with us if you want to know more about these cute kitties!

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Selkirk rex cat characteristics

These cats can reach 23-28 centimeters in length and up to 8 kg in weight in the case of males. Not surprisingly, some males can be considered as giant cats. Its body is muscular and slender, its legs powerful and its neck short, as well as its nose, which is straight, wide and short.

Origin America (USA)
Big size
Weight from 6 to 8 kg males and 4 to 6 kg females
Short or semi-long hair. In both cases it is very abundant, curly and fluffy. All possible colors and patterns are supported
Round, compact head with a broad skull
Wide-based, pointed ears
Large, round and well separated eyes. You will find them in amber, blue or deep green color
Thick tail and rounded tip
Estimated longevity of 12 to 15 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium


Character and behavior of the Selkirk rex cat

They are especially docile, affectionate and peaceful kittens. They adore the company, both of people and of other animals. Consequently, they are suitable for families with small children , given their playful temperament, for lonely, sedentary people and for those who live with other pets at home.

Selkirk rex adapt to everything, but show a predilection for interiors. Unlike other breeds, they are not fond of heights nor did they stand out for being excellent jumpers. They do not tolerate loneliness and appreciate pampering, as well as shared play sessions. The rest of the day they will be happy sleeping and feeling close.

Care required by the Selkirk rex

Given the peculiarities of their hair, especially in the case of semi-long-haired cats, you should brush it daily in order to prevent the ingestion of dead hairballs. Regardless, you can always turn to catnip , paraffin oil, or cat malt to help flush them out. Haircuts are not advisable.

In the case of short-haired specimens, brushing it 2 or 3 times a week will suffice . Cleaning the eyes, ears and teeth is another care to respect if we want to prevent diseases. Food should be varied, of quality and rationed in order to avoid obesity and its associated complications.

Selkirk rex health

As for health, you should know that since this breed lacks human intervention in its creation, in general, they are cats that enjoy good health . No congenital diseases inherent in this breed have been recorded. However, the characteristics of their hair make them prone to trichobezoars and otitis.

If his coat is not brushed regularly and his ears are not cleaned weekly with a specific cleaner, prescribed by the veterinarian, these conditions will not take long to make an appearance. In the case of otitis, they are usually caused by the inability of the auditory canal to be oxygenated, given the occlusion caused by capillary density.

History of the breed and fun facts

The Selkirk rex, also called a sheep cat because of its extremely curly hair, emerged in Wyoming (USA) in 1987. It is therefore a relatively recent breed. In an animal shelter, 5 kittens were found, one of which had a peculiar frizzy hair.

The people in charge of the shelter chose to deliver this curly-haired calf to a feline breeder who crossed it with a Persian. Later, he developed a breeding program that involved other breeds such as the American shorthair , the British shorthair , the Himalayan and the exotic. In 1992 The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized it as a breed.

As a curiosity, the popular cat named Albert Einstein and Selkirk rex breed deserves your attention, which has become extraordinarily viral on social networks for its always angry face, thus contributing to the spread of knowledge of this endearing breed. Isn’t that curious to you?


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