Scottish Fold cat with the sweet gaze

All cats, regardless of their breed or cross, have something special. In the case of the Scottish Fold, his drooping ears and his sweet gaze make more than one and more than two want to share their life with him.

It is one of the most popular breeds, and its character is also charming. He gets along well with children, and he loves to be the center of attention, something that will undoubtedly appeal to those humans who enjoy keeping their furry friend company.

Origin of the Scottish Fold


The origin of this beautiful cat is found in Scotland, although it is believed that it could also have Chinese genes. In 1961 a Scottish couple decided to cross their cat Suzie, who had floppy ears, with a British Shorthair . Five years later they registered these furry ones themselves as Scottish Fold. From then on, the success of the breed only increased. However, in 1974 the English official bodies had to ban it, as these animals suffered from arthritis in the limbs caused by the dominant gene Fold.

Fortunately, a few years later the solution would come from the hands of American breeders and geneticists. It turned out that the problem was due to the pairing with Scottish Fold; When other breeds intervened, such as the Scottish Straight or the British Shorthair, the cats did not present problems with their joints. Thus, in 1974 it was officially recognized by the Cat Fancy Association (CFA).

Physical characteristics


The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat, weighing 4 to 6kg if it is male, and 3 to 5kg if it is female . It is characterized by having a muscular and compact body, with a rounded head, drooping ears, and a short but wide nose.

The tail is of medium length and ends in a point. The hair is semi-long or short, and they can be of any color or pattern.

What is the life expectancy of a Scottish Fold?

If you are properly cared for every day of your life, it is normal for you to live 15 years . But we insist, for this certain requirements must be met that we will see below.

Breed behavior

It is a cat as beautiful as it is sociable. He is also very affectionate, calm and dependent , well, as dependent as a cat can be 🙂. He doesn’t like spending time alone, so if you’re going to be away for several hours on a regular basis, it’s best if you bring him a partner he can play with, or at least leave him things to do, like playing an interactive game to cats or looking for pieces of food that you have hidden. For the rest, it adapts perfectly to any space, be it an apartment, a flat or a house.

As a curiosity, it must be said that his voice is very sweet and that he can come to love a relative more than the rest. But, yes, everyone will be treated with the same respect 😉.



In order for your furry to stay healthy for as long as possible, you need to give it a series of cares, which are:

How much does a Scottish Fold cost?


If you are going to buy it in a professional kennel, the normal thing is that they ask for between 700 and 1000 euros . In a pet store it can cost you half more or less. But regardless of where you go to buy it, you have to make sure that the animal is in good health, with energy and without any signs of disease.

In addition, it is very important that he has not separated from the mother with less than two months , since at that age he must still learn things that only his mother can teach him, such as how a cat should behave. And if they have waited for him to turn three months, better, because that way you can make sure that he will not have insecurity problems in the future.

Can you get Scottish fold cats for free?

If you want your family to live with a cat of this breed and you would like to find a free puppy, you should know that you are most likely out of luck . As it is a pure breed, the breeders do their best to protect the breed, and that entails expenses.

But you could find an adult specimen for adoption, or a mixed cat.

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