Savannah the cat the biggest of all

If you thought that the maine coon was a large breed cat … the Savannah will look like a leopard in a medium version (and not a mini 🙂) weighing 23kg. This beautiful animal is as big as it is affectionate, and as affectionate as it is playful.

It is a hybrid cat that more and more people adore. And it is that, that sweet look makes any heart melt. But what is the origin of the Savannah? And, most importantly, what care does it take to be happy?

Savannah cat story

The human being has always wanted to get prettier, more resistant specimens and at the same time easier to domesticate. In 1986 a domestic cat was crossed with an African serval . The serval is an animal that lives in Africa, which weighs a maximum of 18kg and usually has a maximum of 4 young after 65 days of gestation.

The kitten that was born from that first cross inherited the main characteristics of her father, that is, the size, the mottled pattern of her coat, and of course also part of the wild feline instinct. Although, having a domestic cat as a mother, we suppose that her little girl must have liked being in the company of humans.

A number of cat breeders became interested in this very special kitten, and they continued to develop the breed. Thus, they were crossed with Siamese cat, common shorthair cat, oriental shorthair , Egyptian mau and ocicat .

In 2012 it was officially accepted as a breed by TICA (The International Cat Association), accepting 5 generations of Savanaah (F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5, which is how the generations of domestication are classified. It is interesting to note that the older generations newer ones are smaller in size than the first ones, and more docile).

Physical characteristics


The Savannah is a large cat, weighing between 9 and 23kg (depending on its generation). Its body is large, long, strong and slender, and it is protected by short, silky hair that can be brown with dark or black spots, blue with black spots, gray with dark or black spots, and orange with dark and black spots.

The head is medium in size, and its eyes are slightly rounded, green, brown or yellow. The legs are long and agile. Its tail is long, fine and with well marked dark rings.

What is its character?

The behavior of the Savannah breed can vary a bit depending on the generation to which it belongs. If it is F1 or F2, it will be much more active, and it will not show much interest in pampering; On the other hand, if it is an F3, F4 or F5, you will want to be with humans more and enjoy their company more .

Keep in mind that the genes of the African serval are still very much alive in the DNA of the Savannah. This means that he loves to jump, be outside, and play. Therefore, it is a feline that needs a series of special care to be happy.

Savannah special care


You have to eat food of excellent quality, without grains or by-products . Ideally, give it a Yum, Summum or similar Diet since it is a kitten, so we will ensure that its growth and development are optimal.

Exercise and games

Every day it is necessary to go for a walk with him , as if it were a dog. The Savannah has to be able to walk outside, with its harness and leash, and always in quiet areas.

Also, at home you have to dedicate time . Two or three 10-15 minute long gaming sessions every day will make him the happiest furry in the world.


Your furry will groom itself several times a day, thus keeping its hair clean. But especially during the fashionable season (in spring) it will be very necessary to brush it at least once a day , although it is recommended that it be two.


This is a cat in good health . However, he, like anyone else, can get sick. Therefore, if we see that he loses his appetite, loses weight, or we see him listless, we must take him to the vet to examine him.

How much does a Savannah cat cost

The Savannah cat is much more expensive than other cats, not only because it is a hybrid, but also because it is not well known and therefore not easy to get. Therefore, the price is between 1400 and 6,700 euros , depending on where it comes from and the animal itself.


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