Savannah Cat Breed

Savannah Cat Breed

Of recent appearance, the Savannahs arose after the crossing of a cat with a wild feline, the serval. Currently it is considered that this is the largest breed of domestic cats in the world, since they can weigh more than 20 kilos and reach 60 centimeters in height.

They are affectionate and loyal kittens with whom they share their lives; they also have a lot of energy . Read on to learn more about Savannah cats, true miniature leopards.

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Characteristics of the Savannah cat

Origin United States
Big size
Weight from 10 to 20 kg males and females
Short, fine and velvety hair. Color
brindle / Brown / orange / blue / gray with dark spots
Triangular shaped head
Large / pointed ears
Large, expressive green, brown, or yellow eyes
Fine / long train / With dark “rings”
Estimated longevity of 12 to 20 years
Difficulty caring for it high


Temperament of the Savannah cat

Despite their savage antecedents, Savannahs tend to be very affectionate towards humans. With their family they are loyal and tender cats; They also tolerate the presence of children very well and can spend time with them without problem.

They will also have no problem sharing the home with other dogs or cats, although sometimes they can behave in a dominant way due to their genetic inheritance. The characteristics of their personality will be marked, in large part, by the percentage of serval they have in their blood.

They are, on the other hand, very playful and active felines . Extremely agile, they love to jump and climb to the highest corners of the house. They are hunters by nature and will be on the lookout for anything that can be caught, be it a mouse, a small bird or a fish. They are also very intelligent and curious. They are fast learners and love to explore their surroundings.

Main care a Savannah cat needs

Savannah cats have short hair, so they do not require great care. A weekly brushing will be more than enough to keep them neat.

Sometimes this breed shows a somewhat “canine” behavior. He likes dog games and going for a walk on a leash . Unlike other members of their species, they love to play in the water . Therefore, taking them on excursions to lakes or rivers is a good idea so that they release their energy and that their behavior at home is calmer.

Being so active felines they need large doses of exercise. Their hyperactivity makes them prone to escapism, so some precautions must be taken in this regard. Additionally, individuals who reach sexual maturity may be more reluctant to human contact if they are not sterilized.

Health of the specimens of this breed

There are no known serious pathologies associated with this breed, although being of recent creation it cannot be guaranteed that they will not appear later. Being a hybrid species, they may have smaller livers, which makes them more sensitive to certain medications . A veterinarian will be able to answer any questions about this matter.

Savannahs can also be more resistant to anesthesia, something that specialists always keep in mind before surgery. On the other hand, it is known that in this breed there is a higher risk of premature birth, due to a lag between the gestation period of the cat and the serval. The first ones gestate for 60 days, while in the second this process takes about 75 days.

Savannah cat history and fun facts

The Savannah cat emerged in 1986, after the mating of a domestic cat with a serval, a species of wild cats native to the African savannah. The result was a calf that shared characteristics of both parents and that was named Savannah in honor of its origin.

This hybrid was so successful that it attracted the interest of a large number of North American breeders . The variety became popular and soon adopted the name of the first known specimen.

This breed was officially registered by the TICA (International Cat Association) in 2002. Being a newly created variety, few households have Savannah individuals. In fact, it is still rare to see them outside of the US.

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