Savannah cat Breed the heavyweight of the cat world

It is one of the “heaviest” but incredible cat breeds at the same time. At 11 kilos, more or less the weight of a small-medium dog, the Savannah cat has an enigmatic look, very reminiscent of that of big cats.

The behavior, however, is the same as that of any smaller breed cat; That is to say, he is calm, curious, active, and very affectionate.

Origin of the Savannah cat


Our protagonist is an animal that originated in the 80s. At that time, it was decided to cross domestic cats (Siamese, Egyptian, ocicat, oriental shorthair and common shorthair) with the African serval , which is a large feline small-medium, but slightly larger than the domestic cat, and with longer and thinner legs.

These crosses resulted in a cat that, while quite reminiscent of the serval, actually has a different character. This beautiful cat is more of a feline that can live with a family , especially those that have less serval blood, which are those of the F3 generation onwards.

Physical characteristics


This beautiful animal has a slim, slender body, with long, thin but robust legs . Its head is triangular, with quite large ears that end in a point. Its body is protected with short brown hair and the typical black spots of the African serval.

The weight varies a lot depending on the generation to which it belongs: the more blood of the serval runs through its veins, the larger it will be, and can weigh up to 11kg .

What is their behavior?


The behavior of this cat will test all the knowledge you have about felines. You have to know the body language of these animals well as it can surprise you a lot. For this reason, it is not recommended if you do not have any experience in caring for cats.

The Savannah is an intelligent, curious, active cat , but it is also an excellent climber . He loves going outside, so from a young age it is convenient to get him used to wearing a harness and leash -for cats- so that, in this way, he can enjoy the outdoors without having to take any risk.

How much does a Savannah cat cost?


It is a breed that is not yet well known, and therefore there are not many breeders dedicated to its breeding, so it is a cat that can cost between 1,400 and 6,700 euros.

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