Remedies to cure a cat cold

Our furry friends catch colds and colds . It is often due to a sudden drop in temperatures, but it can also be due to an underlying disease. Fortunately, in most cases it is nothing serious, but in others we will have no choice but to take it to the vet for an examination.

At home we have to take care of him so that he does not get cold, but also¬†with these remedies to cure the cat’s cold, you will surely make him feel much better¬†.¬†Take note.

What is a cold in cats?

The cold is an infectious disease usually of viral origin that affects the upper respiratory system.¬†Its ‘victims’ are people, dogs, and of course cats, among others.¬†It lasts about a week.¬†There is no cure and there is no vaccine to prevent it, but¬†symptoms usually resolve on their own after a few days.

Cold symptoms in cats

This is a very easy disease to identify. The symptoms that cats present are practically the same that we can have. Namely:

  • Runny nose:When the virus has already entered the cat’s body, one of the first things it does is irritate the nasal lining.¬†To protect itself, the body produces mucus that the animal will expel through sneezes.
  • Sneezing –This is an involuntary reflex to expel foreign bodies.¬†Your cat will do this several times throughout the day while he is ill.
  • Mouth Breathing:As the nostrils become inflamed and clogged with mucus, the cat is forced to breathe through the mouth.
  • Loss of appetite:with blocked nostrils, it will be harder for you to smell food, so you may start to eat less.

As the disease continues to progress, these other symptoms will appear:

  • Difficulty breathing: In severe cases, the lungs fill with fluids and the cat has a lot of trouble breathing normally.
  • Mucus¬†changes: If the mucus turns darker in color and thicker, it is because the common cold has become a highly contagious bacterial infection.
  • Fever: the normal temperature of a cat is between 37.7¬ļC and 38.9¬ļC.¬†If it is higher, it is because he has a fever.

Causes of the cold in cats


The cold is a disease that causes great discomfort to our cat, which will surely remain on the sofa, very close to a source of heat. But what has caused it? As we said, most of the time it is of viral origin. In the case of felines, the viruses that most frequently cause colds are herpesvirus and calicivirus , which are those of feline flu.

Herpesvirus (FHV)

Potentially fatal, the symptoms of herpesvirus are: chronic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis . Of course, if it is diagnosed in time, the recovery is almost complete. All that may remain is permanent nasal discharge, but the animal will be in good health.

Calicivirus (FCV)

The infected cat will have ulcers in the mouth or nose . You will also have nasal secretions, but they will not be very heavy.

Remedies to cure a cold in cats


Now that we know what a cold is and what can cause it, it’s time to find out what we can do to help our friend feel better.¬†It is important that you know that, since there is no vaccine against the virus,¬†the treatment only consists of alleviating the symptoms and trying to make the cat as good as possible¬†.¬†With that said, here are a few remedies that are sure to help you feel good:


Your furry will instinctively move away from the cold, so without a doubt one of the first measures we must take is to keep the home warm. Keep the windows closed, and the cat away from drafts.

If it is a breed that does not have hair, such as the Sphynx,¬†wrap it with clothes for cats¬†so that it does not get cold.¬†Also, it is highly recommended that you stay in a cave-type bed, as these will keep the animal much more protected;¬†if you don’t have one, put the heater in a closed room, and take it there after a few minutes.¬†Another option is to¬†cover it with a blanket¬†ūüôā.



A cat with a cold, unable to breathe normally due to mucus, has difficulty identifying the smell of his food. When you are sick, it is likely that you will stop eating with the same desire as before, but this has an easy solution: cans for felines . Not only are they much easier to eat, but they are tastier and, above all, fragrant. Surely you will not be able to resist them.

Another important point that we cannot forget is that of the ingestion of liquids (water). For a speedy recovery you must drink a lot. It must always be clean and crystal clear, otherwise you will not taste it. Still, if you see that he does not drink, you can give him chicken broth .

Steam shower

An effective remedy for mucus to flow and you can easily remove it with a tissue is to turn on the hot water tap in the shower and let the bathroom soak in steam. Once it is, we will leave the cat inside for 15 minutes.

How to prevent colds in cats


Although you cannot prevent a cat from becoming infected with the virus that causes a cold, we can do a number of things to lower the chances of that happening.

Quality food

Giving him a quality diet will be very helpful, as it will keep the immune system strong and healthy .

Up-to-date vaccinations

Vaccines are true that they do not protect 100%, but even if they do 98% it is already much more than nothing. So, for your cat to be in good health, it must have all its vaccinations up to date .

Hygiene measures for the home

To avoid getting sick, it is highly advisable to keep the home clean… and its dishes . We will mop the floor at least every two days to kill the viruses that can be found on its surface, and its feeder and drinker daily.

We hope these remedies have been useful to cure a cat cold.¬†Do not forget to give him a lot of love so that he recovers soon ūüôā.




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