Reasons to adopt an old cat

When you plan to adopt a cat, it is difficult not to fall in love with kittens, especially if they are very babies. But precisely because of that, because of how beautiful and adorable they are, they are usually the luckiest when it comes to finding a family. The elderly have it more complicated. With much less time left to live, people do not want to take over.

And to a certain extent it is logical: you become so fond of them that it is very difficult to say goodbye to them later. But … let me give you several reasons to adopt an old cat as they too deserve to have a chance to be happy.

They already have the character formed

The kitten is a furry one that, in reality, one could say that it has not yet developed a character. Yes, he can be more or less nervous, more or less curious, but practically all cats at this young age are very unruly. In contrast, elderly or old cats are … as they are. There are no surprises. The tranquility that they have is perfect, especially for families looking for a partner to whom they give a lot of love during their last years of life.

They are very grateful

Of course, every animal that is adopted knows well how to thank its new family for the gesture, but it is true that if it is an elderly cat it will keep you company and give you so much love that it may surprise you … a lot 😉.

They won’t tear your house apart

Kittens are very rebellious and that is why they need a calm and responsible family that plays a lot with them so that they can burn all the energy they accumulate. Elderly cats, in general, are more sedentary , so you will not have to worry too much about the house (but be careful, this does not mean that you do not have to dedicate time to them, but simply when they reach a certain age they no longer have so many desire to play as when they were puppies).

You will help them overcome their past

Old cats often arrive at a shelter after years of living with a human family that, for whatever reason, decided to abandon them. For these animals, abandonment is such a trauma that it is not uncommon for them not to overcome it. Therefore, if you decide to adopt older felines, you will be giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives , to be happy again.




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