Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Ragamuffin Cat Breed – All Information, Facts, Care and Price

It might be a good idea to consider the Ragamuffin breed if you are looking for a big, friendly, long-haired cat for your family. A Ragdoll Cat is very similar to these kitties; they are directly descended from that breed and share quite a few traits in common with that breed, as well.

When treated with respect, ragamuffin cats will make fast friends with just about anyone they come into contact with. The kitties love to be held and are very relaxed when picked up and snuggled, just like their owners. This makes them a great alternative to cats that prefer to be left to their own devices. You will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies with them, take a nap while you work from home with them, and cuddle up at night with them as they watch your favorite shows and movies with you.

It should be noted, however, that Ragamuffin cats do have a playful side despite the fact they tend to spend most of their time relaxing. A catnip mouse or a ball of their choice will be batted from one place to another as they play. They are happy to play on their own. There is no doubt that they appreciate interactive games, and their families adore their sweet and delicate demeanor, which comes out even when they are attacking a toy.

In addition to the fact that they are prone to picking up debris because of their thick, luxurious coats, these cats are also known for their relaxed personalities, which makes them a good choice for indoor living. The fact of the matter is that even though these animals might be able to withstand cold temperatures, they simply aren’t designed for enduring harsh weather conditions or enduring hazardous situations.

Known as beautiful, fuzzy, gentle giants, RagaMuffins are the perfect family cats. The dog is very affectionate and enjoys being held and stroked. She also gets along very well with children and other animals.

Often spelled RagaMuffin, the Ragamuffin is a breed entirely on its own and is not to be confused with the very closely related Ragdoll cat. The large, fluffy, and affectionate cats have a personality as outsized as their big, fluffy frames, and they love to be around people and to hold their attention.

As a whole, RagaMuffin makes the impression that it is both sweet and robust in health. Generally speaking, they are large cats with substantial bones and a full body shape, making them a large cat. There is a strong contribution to the overall sweet look of this person due to the large, expressive eyes. It has only a few extreme traits, like its large size, large expressive eyes, and docile nature, but that is it. In the case of RagaMuffins, full maturity occurs around the age of four years old.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed

ORIGINUnited States
HEIGHT10–15 inches
WEIGHT10–20 pounds
LIFE SPAN12–16 years
Group Large-sized long-haired
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, cats, families
EYE COLORAmber, Blue, Green, Gold, Hazel, Odd-eyed
VOCALNESSwhen necessary
COLORSwhite, black / ebony, blue / gray, red / orange, chocolate / brown / sable, cinnamon, fawn, lilac, lavender / silver
PATTERNSbi-color, solid, calico / tri-color, tabby, color point
OTHER NAMESTeddy Bear of the cat world, Velcro cat
OTHER TRAITSeasy to groom, requires lots of grooming, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, friendly toward strangers, good for first-time pet owners, good lap cat, tolerates being picked up
PRICE$1200 - $2000

Physical Attributes


In the hindquarters, there is moderate muscling with the hindquarters being as broad as the shoulders, and the chest is rectangular, with large shoulders, and the chest is broad and with large shoulders, particularly on the top. Lower abdomen is characterized by the presence of a fatty pad. The cats are fully fleshed and when you inspect them, you will feel that they are well covered with flesh. The body size of a cat, its shape, and the way the weight is distributed throughout its body are all balanced.


Having a rounded appearance, the modified wedge is a broad wedge. It is recommended to have a moderately rounded forehead. A round muzzle is characterized by being a little shorter than moderate in length and being prone to broadness. There is a firmly rounded chin, reflecting the correct way in which the bite has been executed. RagaMuffin’s whisker pad exhibits a puffiness to it, which is what produces the characteristic “sweet look” of its whisker pad. It’s a full cheek day. A slight nose dip is evident in the profile of this car, which gives the impression that it is more of a scoop rather than a break in the road. The neck is short, strong, and heavy.


There is a medium size to this hat, which sits very much on the side of the head as well as on top, with slight flares, and is tilted slightly forward in the front. A pleasing proportion is maintained between the ear and the head, in which the ears are rounded with moderate furnishings.


With their large, walnut-shaped, expressive eyes, moderately wide set, the eyes contribute to the characteristic sweet look of the face. In terms of the eye, it has a slight oriental twist. It is best if the eye color is as intense as possible. A wide variety of eye colors is available, including odd eyed, aqua eyed, yellow/gold, and green eyed.

Legs & Paws

Despite having heavily boned legs, they are medium in length, with the back legs slightly longer than the front legs, yet they remain proportionate to the body as a whole. Cats have large and round paws that are able to carry the weight of the cat without splaying, and they also have tufts under the paws and between them to further enhance their protection.


The length of the body must be proportionate to the height of the head. This tail is fully furred and has a plume-like look with a slight taper at the base of the tail, which mimics the look of a soft bottle brush.


The fur of the animal is medium in length to medium in length. Despite its softness, density, and silkiness, the texture is dense and dense. There will be some variation in texture based on the color chosen. There is slightly longer fur around the neck and surrounding edges of the face, giving the appearance of a ruff and increasing in length from the top of the head down to the shoulder blades and the back, with the coat on the sides and stomach being medium to medium-long in length. On the front legs, the fur is thick and long to medium in length. The fur on the feet is short to medium in length. Fur on the hind legs is medium to medium-long and thick with an appearance of a wispy frill which is present on the hindquarters of the animal.


Genetically, there are numerous colors and patterns with or without white, with the exception of pointed colors. White spots on the paws, the back, the chest, or the belly; blazes or lockets; and other types of white spots are all allowed. It is possible for the pattern of white spots or the pattern of white spots to be symmetrical to any degree. There is a wide range of colors available in the leather of the nose and the paw pads, it is not necessarily related to the color of the coat. A cat with white feet may have pink paw pads or a cat with multi-colored or bi-colored paw pads may have white feet with pink paw pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Ragamuffin cat cost?

It is estimated that ragamuffin cats cost approximately $1200 – $2000 per cat.

How big do Ragamuffin cats get?

As a rule, Ragamuffin cats are large in size, which is why they are called Ragamuffin cats. When Ragamuffin cats are fully grown, they can weigh anywhere from 10-15 pounds and range in height anywhere from 9″-11″ inches at the shoulders.

How long do Ragamuffin cats live?

Ragamuffins have a life expectancy of 13-16 years on average.

Do Ragamuffin cats shed?

The Ragamuffin cat breed is considered to be a long-haired breed of cat, so it is to be expected that some amount of shedding will occur, though not to the extent of other cat breeds.

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