Radio controlled mouse for cats

Radio Controlled Mouse for Cats: Cat Games

A mouse for the cat is the prey par excellence, almost a cliché, but it is a fact that a radio-controlled mouse for cats is a game that we can try to offer to our cat, precisely because of the possibility that it has to move.

The games that I offer to my Ladies and Oscars usually arouse limited interest, I have bought many puppets, balls, even cloth mice, but once they have smelled them, they have given two paws, they have scrambled a little, then they leave them there, without looking at them anymore.

So I tried various versions of toy mice, a rag mouse to throw, a mouse tied to a cane with a thread to make it move, a mouse hanging from a spinning ball so that it moves independently, I also tried a toy mouse for cats with wheels underneath, which could be loaded and then made to move by itself, but they are all toy mice that tire the cat after a while, because they don’t move much, and the cat cannot chase them.

So I found real radio controlled cat mouse on Amazon!

It is a remote-controlled mouse, which can be moved and maneuvered using a real remote control, like a radio-controlled toy car.

It was so much fun to see Lady and Oscar’s reactions! They spent a good half hour chasing the cat while I made it go around the house, they ambushed it, hid and spied on it to capture it. A blast!

The Rosenice radio-controlled electric mouse has a remote control range of approximately 2 meters, so you obviously have to keep up with it to operate it. Unfortunately, it has no lateral directions, but it can go forward and backward, like a simple remote-controlled toy car.

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The remote control requires two normal AA batteries, which are not included in the package, so bring batteries if you buy it!

On the bottom of the remote control toy mouse there is a switch to turn on, and then you can safely start running the mouse around the house. The wheels are not very large, so it has some difficulty on carpets and is not suitable for turning in the grass, but it is ideal for the floors of the house.

The color of the radio-controlled mouse is gray, just like a classic mouse, and I had a lot of fun too, just as I was little and playing with some radio-controlled toy cars. It’s a little bigger than the field mice that cats occasionally hunt, and it’s covered in plush.

It is as robust as a toy mouse, the materials are resistant and it is well finished, with even a black tail, and it has a very low price, therefore a small investment to let your cat spend playful moments at home!

Even the reviews on Amazon of those who bought the Rosenice radio-controlled mouse are good, apart from a few isolated cases. Some were impressed because it looks like a real big mouse 🙂 therefore suitable for even adult and large cats.

It is therefore a toy to try, for the low price, and the simplicity, even in the usefulness of this radio-controlled toy mouse.
And what do you make your cats play with? Have you ever tried a remote control mouse? Let me know in the comments

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