10 Quiet Cat Breeds That Never Meow

10 Quiet Cat Breeds That Never Meow

By nature, the cat is a rather discreet pet that delights lovers of silence. But it’s a fact, some breeds are more talkative than others! So, for those who think silence is golden, we present to you the top 10 cat breeds that almost never meow!

1 – The Abyssinian cat

Ancient breed of cat that would have been identified as early as Ancient Egypt, the Abyssinian surprises with its singular physique which gives it the appearance of a wild cat. His muscular corpulence, his slender body, his tawny and dense hair will seduce you.

In addition, the Abyssinian is an extremely playful cat and very affectionate towards its master. Unless you leave him, he doesn’t meow, but prefers to show you his love through lots of leg rubs.

2 – Russian Blue

With a rare elegance and a calm temperament, the Russian Blue cat has conquered many Western homes. Robust, affectionate and independent, you will be charmed by his soft blue-grey coat.

Among his main qualities, the Russian Blue is of absolute discretion and is not a big mewler. In addition, he will keep his distance from strangers to preserve your peace of mind in all circumstances.

3 – The British Shorthair cat

Coming from across the Channel, the British Shorthair has conquered French homes thanks to his teddy bear physique which makes him an irresistible and very endearing cat. Easy to live with, he appreciates children and other animals in the house.

Beneath its woolly-looking fur hides a calm, balanced and placid cat, who appreciates both its independence and cuddles. This pot of glue knows how to be discreet, and never meows for nothing.

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4 – The Chartreux cat

Do not confuse it with the British Shorthair, because the Carthusian cat is a real homegrown cat. Probably originating in Brittany, it is very popular in France and in bordering countries. It must be said that his blue-gray coat, his elegance and his mysterious airs are enough to make cat lovers crack.

Attached to his independence, he nevertheless remains an affectionate and calm companion for the whole family. And for your greatest pleasure, know that he is not the type to meow frequently.

5 – The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of cat, which can easily, stretched to its full length, reach the linear meter. Although a player at times, he much prefers quiet moments and is an affectionate companion for all.

His dense fur gives him a great look and makes him a very beautiful cat. In terms of silence, it’s not that the Maine Coon never meows, but rather that he coos. This characteristic makes him a rather melodious cat, with a non-aggressive meow.

6 – The Persian cat

The Persian is a real hairball of remarkable elegance that needs no introduction. Its long hair and its round head are characteristic of this cat with a remarkable physique.

This breed of cat is particularly gentle. Very calm, he appreciates low noise environments and will make you feel good about it. It is very rare to hear a Persian meow, who much prefers to be understood by his facial expressions and his gaze.

7 – The Sacred Cat of Burma

What will make you melt for the Sacred of Burma? Is it his gaze of an intense blue? His beautiful silky fur of a magnificent creamy white? Or simply his very endearing character?

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Rather a homebody, he is very sociable and likes to follow his master everywhere. Affectionate and very balanced, the Sacred Birman cat knows how to communicate perfectly, but is not talkative by nature. He will prefer to express his tenderness to you through gestures and attentions than through untimely meows.

8 – The Ragdoll Cat

Originally from the United States, the Ragdoll is a relatively recent breed of cat that was quick to find a place in Europe. This popularity comes to him as much from his beauty as from his docile demeanor. Attached and endearing, he resents loneliness.

Very easy to live with, the Ragdoll is a calm and very affectionate cat, with a unique sweetness. Rarely, he even appreciates being hugged by his human. Preferring discretion to agitation, he will flourish in a home where calm reigns and will almost never meow.

9 – The Cornish Rex

Rare and singular, the Cornish Rex, also called Cornish Rex, arouses curiosity. His wavy-looking coat is silky to the touch and his oriental athlete’s body sets him apart from his peers.

Very affectionate and very playful, the Cornish Rex will demand a lot of your attention. He knows how to be discreet and will not meow, provided he has the constant company of his master. Otherwise, he will let you know his displeasure with piercing, even strident vocalizations.

10 – The Wild Cat

The 10th silent cat of our ranking is the wild cat. No need to think about adopting it of course, it is in no way a pet. But be aware, however, that it almost never meows in the wild.

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The only noise it emits is that of its purrs, particularly towards its young to reassure them. The wild cat is most certainly the parent of all our domestic cats, which only learned to meow to attract human attention!

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