Problems in the anal sacs of cats

In case you had not realized, or simply did not know, cats have anal sacs located on each side of their anus, which were possibly used by the ancestors of these animals to spray mark a territory as their own or to defend themselves against your enemies. Whatever the reason, these animals have these anal sacs, which have a fluid with a very strong and pungent odor, and although most animals do not have problems with them, others do.

It is important to note that when cats defecate or exercise, they should secrete the fluid that is in them, but if this does not happen, an infection could occur. Generally, the symptoms that indicate that this has occurred are quite obvious, since the little animal will lick the area tirelessly and drag its tail along the ground, as if it had parasites. Similarly, when there is an infection in that area, the anus will become very red, swollen and cause a lot of pain to the animal. When the abscess ruptures, a yellowish and bloody fluid could come out, causing a fistula.


In the same way, this type of inflammation could also lead to diarrhea and infections in the anal gland, which is why it is important that we go immediately to the veterinarian since it could end up causing cancer in our little animal. In chronic cases of inflammation of the anal gland, these should be removed with surgical treatment.

If this is the case with your pet, do not worry as the removal of these glands is very safe, as long as it is carried out by a specialist. Once your cat has been operated on, you should clean it with antibiotic healing cream to help the healing process.



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