Primordial pouch in cats: what is it?  What are its functions?

Primordial pouch in cats: what is it? What are its functions?

If you have a cat, you may have noticed that part of its belly tends to hang down. This protrusion is in no way related to a health concern or weight loss that you have not noticed. This is the primordial pocket. This is present in all cats and, more generally, in all felines. What is the primordial pocket? What is it for ? Here is everything you need to know about what is also called the gusset.

What is the primordial pocket?

The primordial pouch is a part of the cat’s belly that hangs down and moves when the cat is in motion. Contrary to what many masters think, the presence of the primordial pouch does not indicate that your pet is overweight. This part of the body is also called gusset, fold of ease or primordial pouch. It is located just in front of the hind legs. The primordial pouch is made up of skin and fat

The primordial pocket is present in:

    • domestic cat,
    • the wild cat,
    • Cheetah,
    • the Puma,
    • Lynx,
    • the server,
    • the Tiger,
    • Lion,
    • the leopard,
    • the Jaguar.

It should be noted that depending on the animal and its morphology, the primordial pocket will be more or less visible.

In domestic cats, the primordial pouch is most visible in the Egyptian Mau. This breed of cat is one of the oldest, just like the Abyssinian. The Egyptian Mau is a very agile but also incredibly elegant cat. He is smart and calm. It is a medium-sized feline that weighs between 3 and 5 kg. Its gusset, in other words its primordial pocket, is a distinctive element.

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What is the primordial pouch for?

Stock up on food

The primordial pouch has several features. The first, and arguably the most important for wild animals, is that it allows felines to store food. Of course, domestic cats don’t use it that way because every day we give them food. But in nature, meals are not taken at fixed times. They can even be very hard to find! This is why when a feline hunts, it will literally gorge itself on its prey. He is stocking up while waiting for the next meal.

The primordial pocket will then come into play. It offers the possibility for the stomach to grow a lot. Despite its disproportionate size, the cat is not embarrassed. When the meal is digested, the primordial pocket accommodates the fat reserves. These are not stored elsewhere. If they take up residence on the members of the cat, they limit its movements. The pocket can be compared to camel humps. Although once again, its usefulness in the domestic cat is reduced.

Provide stomach protection

Like the heart and lungs, the cat’s stomach is a vital organ. It is the same with all felines. When our cats fight, they don’t really take any risks. This is not the case with big cats. For them, the primordial pocket is a real protection. It ensures the security of the stomach during fierce battles in the jungle or the savannah. Remember that felines cannot rely on their bones to protect their vital organs. The gusset, which is a layer of skin that is both elastic and greasy, provides optimal protection against bad kicks and possible stomach tears.

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Maximize relaxation

As we have just seen, the primordial pouch is a very important part of the body in felines in the state of nature. For the domestic cat, the functions of food reserves and protection are not essential. On the other hand, for all felines, domestic or wild, the primordial pocket allows you to maximize relaxation. We are not talking here about rest and well-being but about the ability of felines to relax their bodies to jump higher and further. This advantage is clearly optimized by the gusset!

How to monitor the primordial pocket?

If your cat has a primordial pouch, you don’t have to worry. This part of the body appears naturally in adulthood. If you find it too visible, you can have it checked by your veterinarian during your next visit.

Be aware that if the primordial pouch is always full, it may indicate that your cat is overweight. Vigilance is therefore in order. Overweight and obesity are dangerous for our pets. Being overweight significantly affects the daily well-being of cats. They are more at risk of suffering from pathologies such as:

    • Arthritis and other joint disorders,
    • Diabetes,
    • Cardiac disease,
    • Liver disorders…

It should also be noted that being overweight in cats reduces its life expectancy. It’s a shame because a cat in good health can live a good fifteen years!

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