Physical activity of the cat: what are its needs?

Physical Activity Of The Cat: What Are Its Needs?

Kittens and adult cats need activity, but today many cats don’t move enough. They live in a confined environment, some never even set foot outside, which is unnatural. A master must therefore give his cat toys that allow him to exercise while having fun. We can’t imagine how important play is for the cat, especially if he lives in an apartment. Let’s discover all the benefits of physical activity for the kitty.

Offer Toys To Your Cat Whatever Its Age

Allowing your cat to exert itself on a daily basis is to act for its physical and mental health. Apart from the little kitties who spend a lot of time wandering around as they please, the so-called apartment cats do not have as many opportunities to get active. Yet it is vital. We can therefore compensate for this lack of physical activity through play. Many cat toys are marketed today and designers have thought of creating models for kittens in full development and others for adult and even senior cats. .

The cat loves to play and as it is fundamental for his balance, it is very important that the master offers him new toys regularly so that the animal continues to have fun despite his advanced age because the desire to play talks.

A Busy Cat Is A Happy Cat

Physical activity is strongly recommended by all veterinarians because it is of paramount importance for the cat. This allows him to evacuate his overflow of energy and therefore to be less nervous or sensitive. Better in his skin, the cat is happy. This can be seen as much in his improving behavior as in his state of health. Moreover, a cat that exerts itself has a better quality of sleep and this is the basis for it to be more balanced.

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The Physical Activity Of The Cat To Fight Against Obesity

Nowadays, domestic cats are faced with excess weight because they do not move enough and owners tend to feed them a little too much. This lack of activity coupled with an industrial diet that is not always of good quality are enough to make a cat obese. This is a serious problem since being overweight is a contributing factor to a number of serious pathologies.

Encouraging your sedentary cat to play is therefore essential for it to burn calories and maintain a normal weight or lose excess pounds.

Activity In Cats And Physical Health

To preserve the good health of his cat, the master must ensure that his little ball of hair can exercise enough and every day. Two or three daily sessions of 15 minutes are sufficient. This allows the animal to remain dynamic and we cannot ignore the benefits of physical activity on its health at different levels:

  • Articular,
  • Muscular,
  • Respiratory,
  • Cardiac.

It’s perfect for the animal to be more enduring too. Many diseases can therefore be avoided if you allow your cat to move enough.

The Physical Activity Of The Cat, A Natural Anti-Stress

The sedentary cat who lacks activity is very vulnerable because he is more frequently in the grip of stress. As in humans, this can be the cause of serious pathologies, especially when the stress becomes chronic. Providing your cat with a scraper, toys or even a cat flap so that it can go out as it pleases is essential to reduce anxiety.

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The Physical Activity Of The Cat, Beneficial Effects On Its Mental Health

The cognitive functions of active cats are better preserved than those of lazy kitties. They play daily and have the chance to take advantage of the outdoor space where there are countless areas of interest. This arouses their curiosity, increases their ability to concentrate and their brain ages better.

All it takes is a few toys like a ball, a mechanical mouse, feathers or a mobile attached to a string to see how excited a kitty is. And through the game, his hunting instinct is revealed. Through this, the stimulation of the little feline is immense. All his senses are solicited, he learns to control himself. It is really essential for its development. And let’s not forget that sharing moments of play with your cat increases the emotional bond and the complicity between man and animal.

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