photos that will make you understand how nice it is to own an elderly cat

6 photos that will make you understand how nice it is to own an elderly cat

In addition to winning your heart, these photos will show you how nice it can be to have an elderly feline friend. Good vision

own a old cat, according to many, can be very disadvantageous. Obviously, this is not the case at all and the proof is, in no uncertain terms, what we intend to show you here in the following lines.

What is it about? But of course, one gallery of photos all to taste that we can’t wait to show you and that will show you how nice it is to have an elderly cat instead.

The Sweetest Eyes In The World

The eyes of an older cat inevitably appear more “dull” on a visual level than those of a young and vigorous cat. Nonetheless, they are still beautiful and full of life and this photo is proof of that!

Happy 17Th Birthday!

feline tongue out

We don’t know if this photo is current or from a few years ago, but in any case we can say that this kitty in the photo (taken precisely on the occasion of his 17th birthday) is fantastic.

Nap With Dad

kitty with dad

Even today there are those who believe that cats are not very affectionate animals, indeed, distrustful of humans. We respond with this irresistible demonstration of love!


cat posing feline

Senior cats can live in full health despite the inevitable “aches” of age. This photo is proof of that.

“The Years Go By, But You Will Always Be My Little One”

sweet feline look

These are not our words, but the author of this photo that shows a truly wonderful before and after!

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How Old Is He?

feline sleeps orange

Looking at him, he doesn’t look old at all, does he? Yet this kitty stupendous she is 19 years old!

Well, here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these wonderful four-legged friends won you over the most and made you understand what it means to have an elderly dog? Let us know!


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