Tiny kittens: 6 photos that will captivate you

Cats are beautiful, but when they are still small they are much more so. Let’s see some of them

Bad day? Sad moment? If you want to cheer yourself up this is the right place. We all know how therapeutic cats are for each of us. Who doesn’t feel better after cuddling their cat for a while after a day’s work. However, we also know the moments in which we see newborn or still small cats, only their sight is good for our hearts. That’s why we decided to collect 6 photos of tiny kittens that will surely cheer you up. Let’s see them together.

A Nice Family Lunch

How nice to meet all together at the table for some occasion, especially when there are little ones to look after.

He Looks At You With These Big Eyes. Aren’T You Already In Love?

tiny big-eyed kittens

He has an infallible weapon to win you over and get what he wants, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

An Angry Kitty. They Must Have Called Him A “Little Guy”

tiny kittens-angry cat

He was offended, but whoever made him angry will not be of the “power to the little ones” doctrine.

This Kitty Is Leaving. Go To The Land Of Tiny Kittens

cat leaving

A kitty who feels tight in the land of the big ones, so he decides to go with his fellows, in the land of the tiny ones.

The Birthday Of A Nice Tiny Cat, How Old Will He Be?

cat birthday

How nice is it when our furry companions have a birthday? He will be at one of the first of him, which one do you think? The bets are open.

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Maybe It’S Time To Get A Custom Dog Bed?

cat on the sofa

Do you think this sofa will be enough for this kitty? In my opinion it needs a little more space.

Are you feeling better now? I’m sure it is, on the other hand we can never resist puppies, it’s almost impossible. And do you have tiny kittens at home? Or have yours already abandoned the minute phase?

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