5 photos that prove that even cats can be loyal

Yes, fidelity does not only belong to dogs, but also to our feline friends and these photos are nothing more than proof

Our four-legged friends, due to their rather particular personality and not always easy to interpret, they are often the protagonists of theories and false myths. One of these claims that they are not loyal, while dogs are instead the emblem of loyalty.

But will it really be like this? Of course not and confirmation awaits you here in the following lines, where there is one gallery of photos which really deserves to be seen in its entirety.

So let’s not waste any more time. We can’t wait to show you, so we’ll just wish you one good vision!

Long Waits At The Door!

Here, to start in our opinion this photo is simply perfect. If it were true that cats are insensitive towards their owners, then why is this cat so eagerly awaiting the owners’ arrival at the door?

Inseparable For Just 24 Hours

girl with pussy

We were told that this photo was taken just a day after this kitty arrived at the house. Well, for us it is undoubtedly love at first sight!

The One Who Can’T Stand Hugs!

white fur cat

That’s right, this feline is not crazy about hugs. Despite this, however, when his mom wasn’t feeling so well, she didn’t hesitate to give him comfort and closeness!

More Loyal Than That!

cats at the window

It seems they saw something wonderful, right? Well just know they were watching their parents on their way home!

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The Look Of Love

cat in car

If we had to describe love with one gaze well, there would be no doubt which photo to choose to take as an example.

Well, here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these wonderful feline four-legged friends has you conquered more heart and demonstrated how loyal they too are in the same way as dogs? Let us know!


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