6 photos that prove how affectionate cats can be

Various false myths and beliefs show us cats as cold and insensitive animals. However, things are different and these photos are proof of that

There are several theories and false beliefs according to which our four-legged friends they present themselves as insensitive beings and detached from the owners. This, of course, does not correspond to reality at all, on the contrary, we will tell you more, they can be very affectionate.

But what can he prove to us? Surely not just words, since in these cases they may not be enough to fully convey the concept. So the next one will think about it gallery of photos to show you how affectionate our favorite feline friends can be.

Without wasting further time with the risk of ruining your life surprise therefore, let’s start the vision of the latter immediately!

But Wasn’T He Once His Prey?

In our opinion, this is the question that anyone who sees this photo automatically asks. Well, even with mice cats can make friends.

Moment Of Comfort

kitty with dog

This photo not only demonstrates that dogs and cats can become friends very well, but also that in times of need our feline four-legged friends know how to show their closeness and their love.

Here, Speaking Of Love

kitty dog ​​friend

Just to stay on topic, check out that couple here. They look like two brothers!

The Inseparables

cats sleep tired

Yep, these two cats share pretty much everything together, despite anyone who claims otherwise.

Such And Such

felines tender couple

This feline mother and her little one are practically two photocopies!

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Cuddles On The Belly

cute couple

Cats generally don’t like to be petted on the skin belly but apparently there is an exception.

Here we are at the conclusion today too. Which of these wonderful felines won your heart the most? Let us know, we are curious to find out!

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