8 photos that can confirm that cats are not part of this planet

Do you think cats, because of their extraordinary abilities, don’t belong in this world? Here are 8 photos that will confirm it

In addition to being adorable and super intelligent, cats would be (according to some people) animals that are not actually part of this planet.

But what is meant by this? That our four-legged friends actually come from a distant galaxy? Exactly, and after seeing these 8 surprising photos you will think so too.

Without dwelling further, therefore, let’s begin this “journey towards the truth” wishing you a good vision.

Landing Successful (More Or Less)

A rare archive photo showing the first ever cat to land on land.

“Goodbye Dad, It’S Time To Leave, They’Re Calling Me!”

kitty paws fly

In this case, however, the exact opposite. A space cat has just left to return to his galaxy.

“Little Brother What Are You Doing, Aren’T You Coming Home?”

cats meet

Apparently the cat left on the ground seems to like our planet much more.

“My Humans Will Never Understand How I Manage To Open The Fridge By Myself Every Time”

standing cat

Here’s why cats can get everywhere!

“Oh No, They Fined Me For Speeding With The Invisible Car”

funny feline jumping

Often even the most cutting-edge technologies aren’t all that cutting-edge.

“Don’T You Dare Touch My Food, Human!”

cat points camera

Especially this kitty, touch everything but not the food!

“Damn Human Gravity, You Never Get Used To It”

photos of pet birds

Between one planet and another, you know, there are a lot of differences (really a lot).

“But Where Did He Hide The Kibbles? I’Ve Been Looking For Them For Hours!”

white cat flutters

He must have been flying over the house for at least a few hours, considering his determined but slightly tired expression.

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Which of these cats did you enjoy the most? Obviously we’re joking about the fact that cats are not part of this planet, they are 120% a fruit of our nature!


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