6 photos of penguins dressed as cats

We are used to seeing cats and penguins as two very distinct animals. Yet, both have signs in common

Penguins dressed as cats? In what sense? These are certainly the questions that anyone would formulate after reading such a title. Know, however, that this is not a typo, nor a misinterpretation.

Here in the following and unmissable gallery of photos four-legged friends await you who have decided to no longer be felines, but penguins.

Since we don’t want to spoil you surprisewe will limit ourselves only to wishing you a good vision and a lot of fun!

Perfect Location

Looking at this photo, we believe that at least 90% of the world’s population would confuse this feline with a penguin. There are all the conditions: the snow that creates the arctic atmosphere, the position of the cat and its black and white colors, typical of penguins.

A Pet Penguin!

funny cat

Not all penguins like the freezing arctic atmosphere. There are also those who prefer the nice warmth of the house!

“Dude What Are You Doing? You Have To Be A Penguin Too!”

different cats

He obviously didn’t practice enough to play the role!

Generous Disguised Penguins

flowers cat

This is probably the most hilarious photo of them all. In fact, we have a feline who, in addition to behaving like a penguin, also gives flowers.

“What A Tiring Life As A Penguin”

standing cat

Oh yes, a huge effort especially if you are a cat and you still have to get used to these rhythms of life!

How Does The Penguin Do? “Meow”

sitting cat

There must be one mistake. While we don’t know what the actual cry of penguins is, we know for sure that it doesn’t “meow”. Ah yes right, it’s a feline-penguin!

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Here we are at the conclusion of this nice roundup of photos from our four-legged friends. Speaking of which, which of these made you LAUGH moreover? Let us know, we are very curious to find out even if we may already know the answer.


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