8 photos of newly adopted cats discovering their new home for the first time

Special moments, unforgettable moments, in which love prevails over everything and is able to make everyone forget a difficult past

Find a new one home, for a cat, must be an almost indescribable emotion, a feeling that lasts over time and hardly fades away. Being adopted is what countless 4-legged friends aspire to every day in all the shelters of the world, unfortunately, however, the dream does not always come true and it does not always end in the best way.

A harsh reality, this is very true and we must not forget it, on the contrary, it must be a fixed concept in our minds; however the other side of the coin is what makes us joyful which makes us happy as well as other people in the world, above all the owners themselves: obviously we are talking about adoption.

What we will do today is to offer you a series of images, but not just any shots, but moments in which the love and the joy for the start of a new adventure is clear, something palpable. These are strong issues that need to be dealt with occasionally to remember that nothing is taken for granted, but that everything is possible!

Just Arrived Home And Already Feels At Ease

A caress and the fear passes

New Friend!

cat hugs dog friend

Forging a bond is easy for them

The Little One Will Have To Settle In

little cat gets into the hands

But in the end everything will be perfect

Need We Add More?

happy cat opens his mouth

Ask what happiness is, we will answer like this

Cat Eyes…

cat lies among the books

There’s a reason this phrase has been so successful…

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Peace Of Mind

white cat plays in the garden

A beautiful day in the garden

He Too Takes A Nap

gray cat above blankets

And it’s not wrong

We think that it’s these tiny things that open people’s hearts, these simple but profound moments that make the difference. We would very much like these photos to become an ever greater constant in our society and it is possible that this will happen, you just need to believe it…


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