The Roof Pirates

7 photos of cats who take the place of famous actors in movies

Would you like to imagine your cat as the star of Hollywood’s most famous movie? Then don’t miss these 7 photos

We have all probably at least once wondered what the most famous movies if instead of the actors there were only cats. Well, know that this is no longer a dream but has become pure reality!

The ingenious idea was born from Luis Rogerio Faria Rosa a young Brazilian artist who is enjoying great success on the web with his creations.

Can’t wait to see them all one by one, right? Then we leave you to the vision of the latter, wishing you a good vision!


We have all seen matrix and we were fascinated by its amazing special effects, right? Well now we can’t let Meautrix get away!

Planet of Cats

cat statue of liberty

After the planet of the apes, here is his sequel: the planet of cats.

Karate Cat

special move cat

A film that we highly recommend intense and full of life lessons.


hug ship cats

Considering the stratospheric success achieved by Titanicwe can only imagine how many hearts Kittynic will win with the participation of Oscar Prize Leo DiCat!

The Roof Pirates

funny bandana cat

The idea was to shoot this film ai Caribbean just to respect the location of the original film, but considering the fear of water that the actors felt, it was preferred to set it on the roofs.

Steel Cat Or Supercat

cape hero cat

How could we not include the feline version of Superman? To be seen absolutely.

The Silence Of The (Innocent) Cats

butterfly cat face

In this case even the original title may be sufficient. Just think of when our four-legged friends destroy something and immediately sit still to appear innocent. The texture is perfect!

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As you may have noticed, each film has a “coming soon” stamp at the top, which means that they will be released in theaters soon. Maybe that was the case, right? Who knows if, never say never!

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