6 photos of cats who love to snooze in the most unlikely places

Guess what these felines’ favorite sport is? Snooze wherever it happens, of course! Look at these unmissable photos and you will understand

When it comes to doze off and relax, the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind are definitely our four-legged friends. More to the point, starting today you will be thinking specifically about these 6 felines. The reason? It will be revealed to you soon, don’t worry.

Their passion, in fact, is to sleep not in his doghouse, but in all the most places unlikely and in the most absurd positions. However, we certainly do not intend to explain these concepts to you in words: it would be incomplete, as well as impossible. Rather, we prefer to leave the word directly to the following photo.

And then, without wasting any more time, let’s start the show and the laughter directly, wishing you, as we always do, a good vision!

Two Questions Arise Spontaneously…

Where is he sleeping (one can’t figure out) and, above all, what kind of pose has he assumed? Not laughing looking at this picture is literally impossible!

When You Have To Finish Drying Off And, With The Excuse, You Take A Nap

kitty on the drying rack

Well, what can I say, this feline is a great supporter and connoisseur of the famous saying “killing two birds with one stone”.

Liquid Mode: Active

feline in the bowl

We laugh and joke, but did you know that some recent studies have shown that cats are actually partly liquid?

“Wash The Dishes? Not Today”

cat sleeps sink

Woe to disturb a dozing cat!

Feline To Mount

white upside down kitty

I wonder if the owner has received the assembly instructions? We hope so, otherwise you have to call the technician!

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Innovative Kennels And Where To Find Them

cat in sandal

If there was a prize for the kennel or the cot plus bizarre overall, the winner would be without a doubt him!

Well, we have also arrived today at the conclusion of another beautiful and fun adventure themed four-legged friends. By the way, which of these made you laugh the most?

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