6 photos of cats who have decided to challenge physics

How did these felines fare in defying the laws of physics? Discovering it is possible only through the following photographs

Challenging physics, you know, it’s something that man has tried to do several times throughout history. Apparently, however, he was not the only one, given that even i feline four-legged protagonists today have attempted to surpass that feat. What was the result? Well, we certainly can’t reveal it to you here.

The only thing able to show and perfectly convey the idea of ​​what we mean, in fact, is the following gallery of photos all to be enjoyed.

Without wasting any more precious time and without risking ruining the surprise, let’s get started right away vision of the latter!

Mission Impossible

It’s literally mission impossible, since this kitty is climbing a window net, getting stuck on the roller shutter, and reaching for nowhere.

“What Did You Put On Me? It’S Awful!”

papillon kitty hates

The pose of this cat, in addition to defying the laws of physics in some ways, is something really hilarious. If he existed, he would deserve an Oscar!

Caught In The Act

wood feline clings

We don’t know exactly what he intended to steal, but what is certain is that his plan, whatever it was, all went up in smoke!

How To Ask For Hugs In A “Creative” Way

feline head down

Everyone as soon as they see this photo would ask themselves: “What am I seeing?”. Well, against all odds, this kitty is asking for cuddles from their owners by striking this pose.

Incomprehensible Poses

cat paw weave

We really failed to understand the meaning of this rather funny pose. Can you give us a hand?

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Give This Image A Title

kitty in the sink

Do not laugh in front of this image is practically impossible. What do you think would be the ideal title to describe it?

Well, here we are at the conclusion of this roundup of photos. We are curious about know which one of these amused you the most. Let us know!


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