6 photos of cats who have decided to break the rules of logic

That’s right, what you will see through these photographs is something that goes beyond any logic. Look at them and you will understand

You know, one of the best weapons ours have four-legged friends it is undoubtedly the sympathy and knowing how to conquer the heart. Beyond this, however, you must also know that there are some specifically who manage to break the rules of logic in a hilarious way to say the least.

Yes we do. That said, it doesn’t give the slightest idea of ​​what we mean. For this reason, we have decided to rely on this one gallery of photos not to be missed.

Before officially starting the dancing and laughter, of course, we certainly could not skip the inevitable appointment of the good vision!

“Athletic” Moment

Did you think our four-legged feline friends didn’t like to exercise? Here is the proof of the opposite.

Attention, Broken Cat!

feline black color

If there was an Oscar award for the most original and hilarious facial expression, well, there would be no doubt who would be the clear winner.

Innovative Ways To Relax

kitty paws

Usually cats love to sit and relax assuming the characteristic “loaf shape”. Here, however, we have innovative methods to say the least!

And After The Methods… Here Are The Most Innovative Places To Relax

feline in the bidet

We have never seen a cat choose a bidet as a place to relax and laze around. As we always say, however, cats never cease to amaze!

When Your Parents Realize What A Mess You’Ve Made

feline vase

At least he has chosen a very strategic hiding place: no one can find him there.

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To Top It Off

cat flushes toilet

We ask you to give a title to this “violator” of the rules of logic.

Well, here we are again today at the conclusion. Which of these wonderful feline four-legged friends made you LAUGH moreover? Let us know, we’re super curious to find out!

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