6 photos of cats who have decided to become humans

They no longer wanted to deal with life as a cat and therefore decided to become human. Here are some must-see photos that prove it

Become human. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, this is the ambition of many of our four-legged friends and we’ll give you the proof today. As? But of course, thanks to the feline protagonists waiting for you here in the following roundup of images.

Although in their own way, in fact, these very nice cats have decided to leave theirs behind habits feline to take on other more “human” ones.

You want to know how it went, right? Well, then let’s leave the word to the following gallery of photos not to be missed!

Technical Tests

This kitty is taking its first steps towards the human world. As? Learning to sit like a person and not like a cat!

“I Already Have Experience In The Sector Myself!”

nice feline friend

If the feline in the previous photo was doing technical tests, this one has already learned how to do it. The way he sits, in fact, is nothing short of surprising: it almost seems that he is sitting in the park!

“I Want To Be Human, But Don’T Give Up On Cuddles”

cat wants hugs

Those, you know, must never be missing.

“I Almost Regret Life As A Cat”

feline light bulb

Although this kitty has learned to change light bulbs with his dad, he almost seems to be nostalgic for his old life!

“Are You Telling Me Humans Also Clean This Up? I’M Not!”

cat mug

Even in his face we can read a barely intuible “enthusiasm” for having arrived at human life. Definitely better to doze off and play, he would rightly say.

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Copy Contest

feline language

We don’t know if it is the father who imitates the cat or vice versa, but it is certain that this is one of the most beautiful images buffet we’ve ever seen!

Here we are at the conclusion today too. So which of these four-legged friends who have decided to become humans is you liked moreover?


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