8 photos of cats who find themselves in “strange” situations that they can’t handle

Even cats, just like us humans, can sometimes get into “special” situations that they can’t handle

Images and photographs of cats doing funny, not to mention particular, things are a real institution in the world of the web. It’s like we’re talking about the primordial entertainment source of the internet (and we’re not kidding, there are records of that). Today we continue to give credence to this trend with cats who do not know how to handle situations “strange” in which they have gone hunting.

Extraneous events, inappropriate contexts or circumstances in which the word “cat” shouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind, let’s dwell on the word “should”… So what we’re trying to do is quite simple: get a laugh with a series of photos very nice of decidedly careless cats.

Don’t expect last-minute niceties, don’t imagine the most beautiful cats in the world, rather think of occasions in which it is easy to say: “what the heck is a cat doing here?” – or again “why on earth should a cat behave like this? ”- these are the conditions for which we wish you a good fun!

Group nap?

Why not…

Look Mom, I’M On Tv!

cat webcam computer appearance

Oh, no…

Exhausted? I? Noooo, What Makes You Think That?

cat with his little troubles

I am simply contemplating the meaning of life

A Historical-Religious Review Worthy Of Note

cat becomes the center of the crib

We have to admit it

Don’T Take Me Away!

black white cat leg

Please leave me here

Don’T Let Yourself Be Recognized, Don’T Let Yourself Be Recognized, Don’T Let Yourself Be Recognized…

cat gets off the shelf

Still me after a few seconds…

To Whom Could They Entrust The Fate Of A Nation If Not To A Cat?

general command cat

We knew it, it was all a plan to take over the world

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cat opens his mouth breakfast

Very good!

Have you made it this far without even having a little laugh? Bad bad, you are not human, admit it! For all those who have appreciated, remember that the feline world is able to continually give us similar shows, you just need to have an attentive eye, the opportunity to have fun with a cat is always around the corner.


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